WTA stands for the Women’s Tennis Association. It was founded by the American former top-ranked professional tennis player, Billie Jean King, in 1973. It is a principal organizing body, which is focused on women’s professional tennis.

This association supervises the WTA Tour, the universally known professional tennis championship for talented women. It is the counterpart of the Association of Tennis Professionals or simply ATP, which is concerned with men’s professional game. Speaking of professionalism, experienced punters should also look for the best WTA Tour odds before placing their bets. For this particular reason, we strongly recommend open an account via betting agent.

Officially WTA was founded in June 1973; however, its origins could be traced back to Houston, Texas, where Virginia Slims tournament took place in 1970. Rosie Casals was the one to win this very first tournament among women professional tennis players. The association’s headquarters is found in St. Petersburg, Florida, however, WTA’s offices can also be found in London and Beijing.

wta1 Historical Review

The year 1968 is considered to be pivotal in the history of tennis, as far as it is the time when the Open Era began. As a result, amateurs got a unique opportunity to challenge top-ranked professional tennis players. British Hard Court Championship was the first open tournament held in Bournemouth. It is worth noting that at first, the prize fund differed significantly in favour of men (2.5:1). For example, Rod Lavern won 2,000 pounds for taking the title, while Billie Jean King got only 750 pounds. The total cash funds of both competitions amounted to 5,680 pounds for women and 14,800 pounds for men. Interested in WTA Tour betting? Follow our WTA predictions and achieve success!

By 1970s the situation became worse, and the spread between men’s and women’s prize money only increased. It may come as a surprise, but these figures inflated to 8:1, and even 12:1 later on. The female tennis players waxed indignant over such crying injustice. The situation became even more heated when Margaret Court won the Grand Slam tournament, and got only $15,000  as a prize, whereas any men, in this case, could get at least $1,000,000.

As a result, women decided to boycott any tennis events and soon created 1979 Houston Women’s Invitation for nine female tennis players, which later served as a basis for the WTA tour. The WTA itself was founded during the meeting, organized by previously mentioned Billie Jean King. Several years later the members of the association signed the first contract with television broadcast, and the sponsorship problem was solved once and for all. Check Asian Bookmaker reviews via betting agent and find the most suitable bookie for you to this tournament.

WTA Tour Championships

WTA Tour Championship is a very prestigious tennis tournament organized exclusively for female professional top-ranked players. It is traditionally held at the end of the season and gathers lots of tennis fans. Most critics and experts consider the WTA Tour Championships to be the 5th most popular and exciting event on women’s tour after the four Majors – the Grand Slam tournaments. It is worth noting that the WTA tour has the largest prize pool and ranking points after the four Grand Slam tournaments.

WTA Rankings (since 1973)

Weeks No. 1
WTA Year-end No. 1
Steffi Graf 377 1. Steffi Graf 186 1. Steffi Graf 8
Martina Navratilova 332 2. Martina Navratilova 156 2. Martina Navratilova 7
Chris Evert 262 3. Chris Evert 113 3. Chris Evert 5
Martina Hingis 209 4. Steffi Graf 94 4. Lindsay Davenport 4
Monica Seles 178 5. Monica Seleš 91 5. Justine Henin 3
Serena Williams 127 6. Martina Navratilova 90 6. Martina Hingis 3
Justine Henin 117 7. Steffi Graf 87 7. Monica Seles 3
Lindsay Davenport 98 8. Martina Hingis 80 8. Serena Williams 2
Caroline Wozniacki 67 9. Chris Evert 76 9. Caroline Wozniacki 2
Victoria Azarenka 51 10. Martina Hingis 73 10. Victoria Azarenka 1
10 Jelena Janković 1

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