Multiple Bookmaker Accounts

Multiple Bookmaker Accounts – a risk or a certainty?

betting adviceIf you already have an account opened with one of the bookmakers, it’s because you trust it with your money and you are comfortable with its services; but if you plan on having a streak of constant winnings to solidify your sports betting career, you should take a slightly different approach: open multiple accounts with different bookmakers.

In the betting language you would call it “shopping around”, it offers you the opportunity to pick the most appealing odds and prices for a game you want to bet on. If you check any odds comparison sites, you will see that bookmakers have different odds for the same game. The inconsistency happens because all of them rate the teams differently and, as the bettors start placing their wagers, the odds start changing as the bookmakers try to balance the bets on both sides of the competition.

Having multiple bookmaker accounts via betting agent gives you freedom of choice and a unique chance of taking advantage of the differences between the offers. Nobody ever said sports betting should be static and, if you avoid having multiple accounts because you’re afraid of taking risks, you shut yourself down from the world of opportunities in your betting career. Let’s list just some of the advantages of having multiple accounts:

  • Bonuses for signing up – this is common practice with every online betting operator. As the competition grows even stiffer every day, you are the one to benefit from this, as you can get from bonus money to free bets, so shop around for the most attractive offer out there.
  • Flexibility – it just means you’re free. You don’t have to compromise anymore for those limited services your regular bookmaker might be offering you, thus keeping your options open for the future.
  • Sports coverage – a thing overlooked by bettors sometimes. Some bookmakers cover all leagues very thoroughly, while others offer the same, but for only a specific part of the world. This is your opportunity to find a place, maybe even several that meet your requirements.
  • Risk management – this is for those of you, who take sports betting much more seriously than just a hobby. With so many bookmakers offering different odds, it’s always wise to do your research in order to be able to minimize your risks.
  • Winning streak – sports betting is a business, that’s why many bookmakers don’t want you winning all the time; be careful, some of them have special clauses that allow them to limit or even close your account if you start winning consistently. So you’re presented with two options: you either start losing from time to time or you take your winning streak to some other bookmaker.
  • Avoid losing out – this comes as a follow up to the previous statement: some bettors found themselves with their accounts closed without any warnings. A very interesting fact is that sometimes they specify this in their terms & conditions sections, to protect their business against professional gamblers. Since the chances of you winning every bet, every single time are rather slim, try to spread your profits among different sites.

So, now is your chance to start opening multiple bookmaker accounts. Some (Betfair) may offer you a 20$ bet upon signing up, like bet365 a 100$ bonus, if you deposit just 10$; choose wisely and keep an open mind! Get an original betting account via a betting agent and start winning big.


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