Account Exchange, mostly known as ACC-EX, is a huge service who offers the best solutions for the greatest bookies in the market such as Betfair, Bet365, Pinnacle, OrbitX, and 10bet. They offer lower deposits and better conditions for the punters. They have a huge accessibility network and they accept bettors from many restricted countries.

If you are looking for a way to open an account via betting service, you just need to visit their site. Everything is self-explanatory and you only need to take the first step. They will handle the rest for you. The registration process for the players that want to open accounts is very fast and easy. Any questions or comments can be sent to a very attentive and always available support team at

One of the great advantages of this betting service is that it is not only focused on those big bookies mentioned above. When you visit their website, you will see that they also open accounts on request depending on the bookmaker or exchange you are interested in. This is good news for every punter out there. In the case of professional bettors, it is also a great option. Many bookies limit winning players and through ACC-EX things work different, and surely they will find a solution for you.

Open original betting accounts with a betting service

Payment Options

The aim of ACC-EX is to satisfy the needs of their customers. That is the reason why they accept the most popular e-wallets. You can make your deposits and withdrawals using the following methods:
– Skrill
– Neteller
– Cryptocurrencies

Also, through their ‘express service’, you can get your financial transactions to and from your e-wallets in minutes. Yes, it does take just minutes – this is not an overstatement.

Customer Support

ACC-EX has almost 24/7 live support through their website in more than 5 languages. They are playing big and they try to serve other languages as well. So, you do not need to worry about any lack of communication.

In conclusion, regardless of whether you are a new or a professional bettor, you can start betting with ACC-EX. They welcome all kinds of players. Also, they offer you another account if you get limited by bookies. If you haven’t decided which bookie complies with your needs, you can also check the list of the most reliable bookmakers and find the most suitable one for you.

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