Best Betting Agents

What are Betting Agents?

Betting agents are the intermediary parties that fulfill the needs of bettors who are limited and restricted by the bookmakers. Of course, this description can be explained in detail and that is exactly why we have this article. Furthermore, we will discuss thoroughly why we need betting agents if we can open accounts at bookmakers on our own. While skimming through our scrutinized analyses, you are going to see what the defining factors of the best betting agent are and which criteria bettors have to look for. Let’s look at the qualifications that your betting agent should possess.

Betting Brokers

The need for Betting Agents

As we have discussed above, there are many reasons why you should contact a betting agent for your betting activities. A betting agent can help you:

  • Disregard restrictions. As you know governments can restrict certain bookmakers for various reasons. Vice versa, bookmakers might choose not to allow some visitors from specific countries. What is more, some betting agents welcome customers even if they are blacklisted by certain bookmakers.
  • Receive special care from the customer service of your betting agent. If you choose to use the service of a betting agent, you are going to realize the difference between the customer service of the bookmaker and the betting agent.
  • Open multiple bookmaker accounts. Betting agents can offer you an extensive list of bookmakers. For instance, if you are thinking of opening an account at Asian bookmakers, you will have the chance to make your choice from an extensive list of the best Asian Bookmakers by utilizing the services of an agent.

Certain aspects you should consider before choosing your betting agent

One of the first determinant that you should look for is the range of bookmakers a betting agent provides. While some of the agents choose to excel at offering European Bookmakers, some of them might provide services only for Asian bookmakers. Depending on your need, we advise you to select a betting agent that offers accounts at only trustable bookmakers.

Furthermore, we believe that nothing is more important than the safety of your money. In order to maintain a hassle-free experience, we advise you to opt for regulated betting agents. Your winnings may not be in safe hands if your betting agent is not regulated. Institutions such as The Casino Operators Association (COA), The Financial Service Authority (FSC), Gambling Commission (GC), and others are many of the regulatory bodies in this industry. Therefore, it is better to look for these institutions when choosing your bookmaker.

Last but not least, you cannot underestimate the importance of the payment options provided by the betting agent. For example, many of the betting agents nowadays have started to accept cryptocurrencies, which is a great improvement on the side of bettors who care about their identity. It is important that you are able to deposit and withdraw without any fuss. So, try to decide which deposit methods to bet in Asia suit you better and open your account to start betting. Check the video above and have a better understanding of the payment options for your betting experience.

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