Davis Cup

Davis Cup


The Davis Cup is one of the most prestigious international team events in the world of men’s tennis.

It is supervised by the International Tennis Federation and is held in the knock-out format. Initially, the Davis Cup began as a competition between the United States and Britain in 1900. Nowadays more than 130 nations participate in this exciting team event annually. Check Asian bookie reviews via betting agent and find the most suitable bookie for you.

Among the most successful countries-participants, USA should be mentioned in the first place, as far as the Americans have managed to win 32 tournaments and finish as runners-up 29 times. Australia occupies the second place with quite an outstanding result: 28 victories, and for 19 times the Australians ended as runners-up. Davis Cup betting is also very popular among punters and tennis fans worldwide.

davis cup

Historical Review

The tournament was initiated by four students of the Harvard University, who were the members of the tennis team. Their primary goal was to challenge the British tennis players to an exciting tennis competition. First of all, they needed the agreement of the Lawn Tennis Association, and once they got it, Dwight F. Davis, one of the previously mentioned Harvard students, made up a tournament format and ordered a beautiful sterling silver trophy.

It is worth noting that he spent his own money in order to pay for the wonderful cup, designed by a talented Englishman named Rowland Rhodes. The very first match was held between Britain and the United States in 1900. The American team has managed to win the first three matches, and Davis was a part of that team. Become a winner too by following our Davis Cup predictions and tips! Within 5 years the tournament was significantly expanded and already included France, Austria, Belgium and Australasia.

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At first, the tournament was called the International Lawn Tennis Challenge, but quite soon it was renamed into the Davis Cup, after the trophy bought by Dwight F. Davis.

Peculiar Occurrences

It may come as a surprise, but Dwight Davis, after whom the tournament is named, wasn’t a great tennis player at all. He was interested in politics, and he actually managed to succeed in this arena, as far as we worked at first as the Secretary of War, and then as the Secretary-General.

Among the other interesting facts regarding the Davis Cup, some statistics should be mentioned. It turns out that the United States is an indisputable leader of the tournament because the American tennis players have captured approximately one-third of the titles since the very beginning of the Davis Cup. Australia occupies the honorary second place, lagging a bit behind the US.

The year 1982 is marked by a very interesting and yet exhausting match between Venezuelan Jorge Andrew and Canadian Harry Fritz, who played 100 games over 5 sets. The Canadian has won the match, but the margin was very narrow – 51 games out of 100.

Prize Pool

Due to the fact that the Davis Cup has a certain patriotic flavour, until 1981 no prize pool was awarded for the competition. Owing to the same reason, the Davis Cup has become extremely popular among tennis fans and promoters.

Nowadays the prize pool is allotted by the sponsorship and makes up to 8.5 million of US dollars. However, most of the participants claim that they are interested mostly in representing their motherlands, not in the prize money. Anyway, the prize pool is quite impressive, and may also serve as a motivation for the competitors whatever they say. For the best Davis Cup odds check out bet on Davis Cup at Betfair. You can open get a Betfair account via betting broker and start earning!

ATP Points Distribution

Davis Cup
Rubber category
Match win
5(10)1 15
1st round
40 80
65 130
70 140
75 753 1254 150 / 2253 / 2754
Cumulative total
500 500 – 5353 6254 6254
10 10
1st round
50 50
80 80
90 90
95 355 95 / 1305
Cumulative total
315 3505 3505

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