World Cup History

World Cup History

FIFA World Cup has to be the most-watched sporting event ever, even though in the beginning it was just a gathering of a few national teams. Its history began in 1928 when FIFA’s president decided to host a tournament at an international level. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay, and only 13 teams invited by the association took part.


The first winners were the hosts, Uruguay; and they were awarded a trophy, named Jules Rimet after FIFA’s president. It represented the ancient Greek goddess of victory holding a cup over her head. The tournament, as well as the trophy, changed over the course of the years; if at the beginning there was no draw, and the teams to play the opening game were chosen randomly; starting with 1958 it became a tradition that the hosts were to play the opening game. Sometimes it alternated between the host opening the game and the last time winners. However, and as a fun fact, we don’t think that even the best World Cup prediction could have said that Senegal would defeat France in the opening game, as they were the last tournament winners. For the best World Cup odds register on the best betting software.

The trophy was changed as well, as during the World Cup in 1974; Germany was awarded with the FIFA World Cup trophy, showing two people holding up the Earth. Unlike the previous trophy that the winners got to keep, this one is given to them for four years, and they have to return it on a certain date before the next World Cup, and they get a replica to keep forever.

Starting with 1934, European teams have shown what they can do best, that is a triumph, even in the worst possible conditions. Italy was the first team to win the World Cup two times in a row before the tournament was put to a halt because of the World War. In 1950 the World Cup was back in action, and in 1958 the world met one of its biggest players, the Brazilian, who helped his team win 2 trophies in a row. 1986 was the year of another great football player to rise to fame; Argentina’s Diego Maradona scored 5 goals, assisted on numerous occasions, and pushed his team forward to win against Germany in the final.

Sometimes World Cup tips help punters guess the winner as the tournament starts, but the current heading FIFA’s rankings Brazil, are always among the favourites of any tournament. Brazil won the title five times (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002); Italy won four (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006); Germany also won four (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014); yet from the worldwide selections of countries taking part in the event, only 8 of them managed to win the trophy: Brazil, Germany, Italy, Uruguay, France, Spain, England, and Argentina. Do not be late to support your favourite team by placing your bets. Just check the best bookmakers reviews in our blog and find the most suitable one for you!

World Cup Winners since 1930:



1930  Uruguay
1934  Italy
1938  Italy
1950  Uruguay
1954  Germany
1958  Brazil
1962  Brazil
1966  England
1970  Brazil
1974  West Germany
1978  Argentina
1982  Italy
1986  Argentina
1990  Germany
1994  Brazil
1998  France
2002  Brazil
2006  Italy
2010 Spain
2014 Germany
2018 France


World Cup betting is becoming wildly popular by the time the competition rolls around, as the bettors can bet not only on the games but also on some of the awards FIFA is attributing to both the teams and the players. For example:

  •  The Golden Ball for best player of the tournament;
  •  The Golden Boot for the top goal scorer;
  •  The Golden Glove for best goalkeeper;
  •  The Fair Play Trophy for the team with the best record of fair play during the tournament.

Even though the tournament is well known for the fantastic games it provides, sometimes it serves as the arena for some of the greatest upsets that helped to shape the football world the way we see it today: the USA defeating England in 1950, North Korea defeating Italy in 1966 as well as Cameroon’s shocker in defeating the previous winners, Argentina, in 1990.

1950 Uruguay 2-1 Brazil

The World Cup holds every part of the world in suspense and under a spell, as it was proved that the Coupe du Monde France 1998 matches added up to an impressive number of 37 billion viewers. 2006 final was watched by 715.1 million viewers, so it would be safe to say that the football world cup unites nations with apparently nothing in common but the love for the game.

Some interesting facts that helped shape the tournaments into one of the most exciting ever are:

  • Brazil is the only country that appeared in all World Cups so far, playing in all 19 tournaments.
  • Germany’s Oliver Kahn is the only goalkeeper in FIFA’s world cup history who managed to win the Golden Ball.
  • The record for most defeats suffered by a national team is held by Mexico with 20 losses.
  • In 1950 India qualified for the final tournament, but could not participate, as FIFA required players to wear shoes for the games, and they were accustomed to playing barefoot.
  • Turkey’s Hasan Sukur scored the fastest goal in the world, after just 11 seconds into the game against South Korea in the 2002 World Cup.
  • France scored the first goal in World Cup’s history, with Lucien Laurent piercing the net on July 13, 1930.

One of the funniest moments in the history of the competition was provided by Italy’s Giuseppe Meazza. In 1938 he was about to score a penalty against Brazil, but at the last moment, his shorts fell down. Despite this malfunction, he picked up his shorts and made the goal of beating the goalkeeper who was still laughing. This pushed Italy to the finals, and we are sure not even the best odds for the games could have predicted such an outcome. To reach highest odds and limits open a betting account via betting agent!

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