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Sportsbetsblog has dedicated itself to provide the latest news and information about sports betting. Here in this website, you will find various sources of information on leagues, tournaments and events, best predictions from famous tipsters, and betting tips and advice. Bettors and punters will be provided with the latest happenings regarding various sports teams, majoring sporting events, online bookmakers and the info on where to put their money in upcoming matches as well.

For a smooth sports betting experience, we will help you learn how to overcome the obstacles and restrictions. In our best betting agents section, you will read about the most successful betting agents and their functions. We are sure that our readers will be grateful after gaining all the insight into this section. Also you can find out about the best Asian bookmakers in this website if you haven’t decided which bookmaker is the best option for you.

About the Best Betting Agent

BET-IBC is the best Agent for Asian bookies, which specializes in handling accounts for some of the biggest gambling firms in Asia and the rest of the world. Due to the fact that these firms activate under the Asian Bookmaker Agents System, BET-IBC has the status of Super Master Agent and it is the official top-notch agent for bookmaking giants such as Pinnacle, Betfair, Sbobet, Betisn, and their unique service VIP-IBC. BET-IBC is an established brand in its field, the quality of its services being recognized and appreciated by individuals and businesses internationally.They have also provides for an option to the high-rollers which is betting via Skype.

BET-IBC has been the best betting Agent since 2007, opening and managing its customers’ accounts. According to the Asian Bookmaker Agents System, only Super Master Agents can carry out financial transactions with the Asian bookmaker directly, however, BET-IBC can also open Master Agent, Agent accounts and, ultimately, player accounts in 4 different currencies: USD, EUR or GBP. BET-IBC’s user-friendly website is available in 32 different languages and has unique features like a News section – offering information on the latest events and updates related to BET-IBC and its partners, Livescores – showing the results of on-going and finished matches, with a full analysis also available, a How to Bet guide – instructing the players on how to place a wager with each Bookmaker and even an Odds converter.

A brief description of BET-IBC’s gambling opportunities can also be found on the website, including betting types and detailed reviews of the bookmaker’s Casino Games and Poker room. BET-IBC is also the ideal platform for high-rollers and VIP players, as it does not lock accounts and has the highest wagering amount limits in the entire world, bets going as high as several hundred thousand US dollars per match. BET-IBC’s unique service best betting software VIP-IBC allows customers to place pre-match and live bets using Skype and offers the possibility to withdraw or deposit in any European capital.

What are you going to find at Sports Bets Blog?

best free tips via sports bets blogHere at Sports Bets Blog, you will find reviews&analysis about bookmakers and betting agents, betting tips for you to get better results, latest news about the betting industry and sports, and many other useful articles that you can use in your betting journey. I’ve put great significance on sports betting while I prepared this blog as I am also a professional bettor. I plan to share my exclusive picks on this website when I have time. In the meantime, I advise you to take a look at the best free predictions via betting agent. I believe the tipsters they are working with are pretty good at their jobs.

Moreover, in the “betting advice” section, I have written some beneficial articles which will help you get better yields and ROI. I am willing to share my experience with all of my visitors. If you have any questions about these articles, feel free to contact me. Even though I believe that betting cannot be learned via encyclopedias or books, the information in these articles should not debatable. My personal favorite is the 10 Golden Rules article. It is a must for anyone to take look at it if you are aiming for success in the long run.

Best leagues for sports betting

There are hundreds of professional sports leagues around the world and bookmakers offer these leagues in their portfolio for betting. Personally, I do no think that there is a specific type of sports or league that is better than others in terms of betting value. Value can be found anywhere if you know where to look. However, it is true that odds and limits can be more attractive in bigger leagues. As a football bettor, I’ve analyzed some of the biggest football leagues in my blog. You can take a look at what I think of Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga with regards to value betting.

Bet on Ligue 1 via best betting agent

My personal favorite among these leagues is Ligue 1. 1×2 and moneyline bets are more predictable in this league and odds are more preferable as well. If you compare this league with the Premier League, you will see that underdogs offer more value. In England – Premier League, the gap between teams, except for the top 5, is not that big. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the 20th placed team from the Premier League defeated the 10th placed team on the road. Nevertheless, I want to specify once again that value can be found anywhere. You just need to analyze better and have a better understanding of the specific league you are going to bet on. Feel free to take a look at Ligue 1 review for sports betting for more information. There you will be able to read the history of Ligue 1, interesting facts and how much value this league offers in terms of sports betting.

Sports Bets Blog’s Favorite Betting Markets

As a professional bettor, I am a big fan of Asian Handicap. Asian Handicap offers bettors flexible options with great values. There is no question that more and more European bookmakers have started to include this market in their betting portfolio in recent years. However, I do believe that Asian bookmakers offer greater limits and odds for this type of betting. Most of the time, I place my bets on Pinnacle Sports as this Asian bookie is truely remarkable with what they provide. Recently, I found out that the best betting agent BET-IBC’s VIP-IBC platform has started to offer original Pinnacle sports odds.

On this betting platform, you are provided with a multiple bookmaker account where original Pinnacle, Betfair, Betdaq, SBObet, Maxbet, Matchbook, BetISN and many other great Asian bookmakers are available. Moreover, it is possible to bet with Asian handicaps almost for any of the matches displayed on the platform. If you want to take a closer look at what this platform looks like, take a look at my multiple bookmaker platform review and decide by yourself.