French Ligue 1


The French league system is a series of football clubs from France and Monaco comprised into several national leagues. To be precise, there are 16 national leagues and those teams who finish at the top get the chance to be promoted to a higher division, their ultimate goal being Ligue 1.

Previously known as National, Ligue 1 was established in 1932, on the 11th of September. There were 20 clubs divided into groups of 10 and the two winners of each group would face each other in a final held on a stadium the federation chooses. The first champion was crowned Olympique Lyon and a few years after Sète became the first professional club to win 2 titles. You can check best Asian bookies reviews via an agent and start betting.

Using our best Ligue 1 tips, you can be certain that the bookmakers mentioned at the end of each French Ligue 1 prediction will provide you with the best odds. It is very easy to navigate on the site and you will soon find out that up until now Saint-Etienne and Marseille have won the most titles in Ligue 1, each team celebrating 10 victories. In the last few years Olympique Lyon dominated the championship by winning it seven times in a row, that’s why when Bordeaux took their first title, after a pause of 10 years, the best Ligue 1 predictions became a reality.

ligue_1_logoLigue 1 consists of 20 teams, poised to play each other twice per year, by a schedule set up in advance by the French Football Federation. The team with most points wins the title, but if two teams have the same number of points, the winner is decided based on the number of goals in general or the ones scored between the two teams in their face-to-face encounters. Ligue 1 is the best to place bets during the last games of the season, as high scoring games are much more present than before.

A total of 76 clubs have played in the league from the moment it was formed, but only five that founded it survived in the arena: Marseille, Rennes, Nice, Souchauxand Montpellier. Paris Saint-Germain is the only team in the history of French football that hasn’t been anywhere near the relegation area, that is if you choose not to take into account the administrative relegation it had to face for two seasons in the 70s.

It may not be as high-profile as other leagues, but, based on our Ligue 1 predictions, it is one of the few that manages to turn ball possession into goals, thus attracting many tipsters to place the best wagers on the games in the league or in Europe. Based on a coefficient calculated by UEFA, Ligue 1 has 3 teams qualified to play in Champions League, with two going directly to the groups. All in all France has 6 teams in Europe and each year the coefficient changes based on the points won by the teams in international competitions.

The current trophy awarded since 2006, and it’s called L’Hexagonal after a phrase used to describe the shape of France. Ligue 1 is ranked 5th in Europe and your best bet for a top goal scorer would be PSG’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The season with the biggest number of yellow cards would definitely be 2002-2003, when a record number of 1,654 cards were shown to the players. The fewest losses in a season award should go to Nantes for a magnificent 1995 season, in which they only lost once. You can place a bet on almost everything you can imagine at William Hill, which often is the bookmaker of choice for placing our own bets, because of the best Ligue 1 odds they predominantly offer.


Throphée des champions is a trophy won in a match between the Champions of Ligue 1 and the winners of the Cup. This kind of match was first played in 1995, for the sole reason of fans finding in rather unpopular during its previous attempts to include them into the football system, that’s why now the game is played on various locations all over the world. Last year, for example, the match was held at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey and it was the first time it was held in a country that is not French-speaking. Seeing as Ligue 1 has more than 79 broadcasters in the world and it covers more than 150 countries, you can be sure your placed bets won’t go wrong with any team that might win this trophy. In 2010 the match was broadcast in 54 countries and last year it broke all records, as 77 countries lined up to watch a new record being set by Marseille with a spectacular 5-4 win over Lille.

If you bet on Ligue 1, be sure to do it on the number of goals; try the yellow cards bet or even the team which you think should win next; the championship became very unpredictable since Bordeaux broke Lyon’s streak of wins, the Ligue 1 title was won by Marseille, Lille and lately Montepellier. Place your bets with the best bookmakers, as they will offer you the best odds you can find, naturally.


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