ATP Challenger Tour

ATP Challenger Tour


ATP Challenger Tour, which was formerly known as the ATP Challenger Series, is a series of tennis tournaments organized for professional male players.

The ATP World Tour is considered to be the top tier of men’s professional tennis; it is followed by the ATP Challenger Tour, which occupies the second place in this top 3. The third and last tier of international tennis competitions belongs to the Future tournaments on the ITF Men’s Circuit. For the best ATP Challenger Tour odds check out on Betfair and Get an original Betfair account via betting service and start to earn BIG!

It is worth noting that the ATP Challenger Tour is supervised by the Association of Tennis Professionals. The ones who succeed on the ATP Challenger Tour are highly regarded by the jury and get sufficient ranking points, which allow them to become eligible for main or qualifying draw entry at the previously mentioned ATP World Tour tournaments.

ATP Challenger Tour

Historical review

The very first ATP Challenger Tour was organized in 1978 and included 18 events. The first two competitions were held in January in Hobart and Auckland, while the next ones took place in the following U.S. locations: Shreveport, Asheville, Birmingham, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, Hilton Head, Wall, Lancaster and Cape Cod. After a series of other tournaments, the final event was held in Kyoto. It is worth noting that the schedule in 2008 included 178 events, which were eventually played in more than 40 countries. ATP Challenger Tour betting is a common activity among professional gamblers.

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Ranking points and present-day prize money

The total prize pool of the challenger tournaments accounts for an amount of money that varies from 35,000$ to 150,000$. The number of ranking points depends on whether the tournament provides the so-called hospitality, which includes lodging and food, and on the prize pool the player gets. It is worth noting that the player rankings are based on the number of points accumulated in the previous 52 weeks and in any particular week of rankings. For example, if he managed to accumulate 400 points in the last 52 weeks, he would probably occupy the 100th position. We may conclude that the number of ranking points gained in Challengers can give the player an opportunity to move up in the rankings very quickly. Check this blog frequently and you will not be disappointed by the quality of our ATP Challenger Tour predictions! And open a betting account via betting agent to bet on these predictions to earn!

2012 Events


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Current singles champions

Current doubles champions

Tunis Tunis Open Tunis  Tunisia Clay (Red) (i) Rubén Ramírez Hidalgo Jerzy Janowicz /
Jürgen Zopp
Scheveningen Siemens Open Scheveningen  Netherlands Clay (Red) Jerzy Janowicz Antal van der Duim /
Boy Westerhof
Pozoblanco Open Diputación Pozoblanco  Spain Hard Roberto Bautista-Agut 2012 Konstantin Kravchuk /
Denys Molchanov 2012
Poznań Poznań Porsche Open Poznań  Poland Clay (Red) Jerzy Janowicz Rameez Junaid /
Simon Stadler
Cordenons Zucchetti Kos Tennis Cup Cordenons  Italy Clay (Red) Paolo Lorenzi Lukáš Dlouhý /
Michal Mertiňák
City of San Marino San Marino CEPU Open City of San Marino  San Marino Clay (Red) Martin Kližan Lukáš Dlouhý /
Michal Mertiňák
Segovia Open Castilla y León Segovia  Spain Hard Evgeny Donskoy Stefano Ianni /
Florin Mergea
Szczecin Pekao Open Szczecin  Poland Hard Victor Hănescu Andre Begemann /
Martin Emmrich
Mons Ethias Trophy Mons  Belgium Hard (i) Kenny de Schepper Tomasz Bednarek /
Jerzy Janowicz
Bratislava Tatra Banka Slovak Open Bratislava  Slovakia Hard (i) Lukáš Lacko Jan Hájek /
Lukáš Lacko

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