2019 World Women’s Handball Championship

World Women’s Handball Championship

The 2019 World Women’s Handball Championship was the 24th event held in Japan for a period of two weeks. It ran from November 30th to December 15th 2019. This time around we had Netherlands against Spain for the final and the Netherlands won their first title in the history of this championship. The title went back to Europe ones more. Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu in Japan was the host site for the organization of this world competition. Get ready for the next competition in 2021 by getting an account with the most trustable betting broker.

It has been organised by the International Handball Federation since 1957. Since then, European teams have been winning everytime except in 1995, this year South Korea decided otherwise. This made them the first team outside Europe to win the championship. Also, in 2013, Brazil became the first American team to win. Other teams with a single title are Romania (1962), Hungary (1965), Denmark (1997), Germany (1993) and Netherlands (2018). France has 2 titles and Norway is the second with 3 titles. So far, Russia is at the head with 4 titles. Though they did not make it this year, the title still comes back to them in Europe brought by the Dutch.

Pool Statistics

A total of 24 teams participate in this championship, and this has been like this since 1997. Previously, the number of teams varied from 9 to 20 teams. The 24 qualified teams are Netherlands, France, Romania, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Serbia, Germany, Montenegro, Japan, Slovenia, Korea, Spain, China, Angola, Brazil, Senegal, Argentina, Cuba, Australia, Kazakhstan and DR Congo. Below is the pool of the event.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Netherlands France Romania Russia
Norway Denmark Hungary Sweden
Serbia Germany Montenegro Japan
Slovenia Korea Spain China
Angola Brazil Senegal Argentina
Cuba Australia Kazakhstan DR Congo

For the squad, each team was made up of 28 players. During the 96 matches played, 5179 goals were scored. The top scorer for this edition of the competition was Lois Abbingh who is a Dutch female handballer who plays as left back for Rostov-Don and the Dutch national team. She scored 71 goals. Estavana Polman was the best player. She is a Dutch handball player for Team Esbjerg and the Dutch national team. With the Netherlands holding the title this year, we have Spain, Russia and Norway holding the runner-up, third and fourth positions.

Wrap Up

This was an amazing edition where we saw another rising team –the Dutch team taking their first title. Next edition, that is, the 25th World Women’s Handball Championship will be held in Spain in 2021 from the 2-19 December. Which team will rise again and take it’s first title like the Dutch? Or will Russia want to maintain it’s top position? Lets not be surprise if we see Norway coming up to meet Russia. Nevertheless, we will see all this soon in 2021. Do not forget to check this section on the best bookmakers and take the right decision. If not contact us by chat below.

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