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Skrill (MoneyBookers) Review


skrill_250x450_banner1_remade3 Name: Skrill (Moneybookers)
Address: Moneybookers Ltd
Welken House10-11 Charterhouse SquareLondon EC1M 6EHEngland
Location: United Kindom
Service Hotlines: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Customer Service tel: +44 870 383 0232
UK Phone 0905 848 0011
Live Chat: Yes

General Information

Skrill is an e-commerce company that facilitates money transfers and payments to be made using the Internet to and from 200 countries and territories. It was established on June 17, 2001 and incorporated in the UK as Moneybookers Limited on July 27, 2001; subsequently, it became the first e-money issuer to obtain an electronic money license from the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

At the moment it deals with 135,000 merchants and boasts a collection of plaudits and awards from 14 different major events. Remarkably, Skrill was acknowledged as the organization with the highest growth potential among European Internet companies, after earning the “Best Global Potential Award 2011″ and the “Unique Leadership Award 2011″, accomplishing the unique feat of being the first ever establishment to win two awards during the same year.

Its reliability and usefulness for betting or gambling operations is further stressed by the fact that many casinos or betting agencies are located in countries such as Malta or Antigua due to favorable legal and financial conditions. Players no longer have to undergo difficult processes in order to secure a transfer.

Major services

  • Digital wallet
  • Direct payment processing
  • Moneybookers MasterCard
  • Currency services (in over 40 denominations)
  • Money transfer
  • Risk and fraud management

These are further diversified based on whether they are offered to consumers or businesses. Click here to register at Skrill (Moneybookers)


Deposit/Withdrawal options

The uploading of funds can be achieved in many different ways, but 6 methods work for all countries: international bank transfer (free of charge), American Express, Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Diners Club (all with a 1.90% fee). Local methods of payment accessible in over 30 countries are also available, many of them are subject to no fees; a customer should look into them in order to find a better alternative to the international ones.

Withdrawal is possible in all countries either by international bank transfer with the split option for a fee of 1.80 Euros or cheque (USD, EUR, or GBP) with a 3.50 EUR fee. Visa is supported as a local method of payment in almost 30 countries and the charged fee is 1.80 Euros, the same as for an international bank transfer.

Moneybookers MasterCard

This is a pre-paid card that links directly to the client’s digital wallet and has been recommended by 96% of the Skrill customers. No commitment is required, as tie-ins nor monthly fees along with cancellation ones do not apply and there is the possibility to withdraw one’s balance at any time. The worldwide ATM withdrawal fee is a flat 1.80 EUR and shopping anywhere on the globe is free; the only other costs are 10 EUR per year as a maintenance fee and an advantageous 2.49% foreign exchange fee.

Four currencies are available: EUR, GBP, PLN and USD. Similar to cards issued by banks, there is a full statement that’s viewable online. The exciting part is the availability of rebates and benefits with such brands as Xbox, Vodafone or The Body Shop: up to 30% cashback and immediate discounts for these and other big names.

Unlike some other e-wallet issued cards, Moneybookers MasterCard is available in the US, where the company actually has an office. Thus, it is possible for Americans to access this option, if they desire to place wagers on any sporting event in the world, since bank accounts cannot be used in this direction or for gambling purposes. Sign-up here for a Skrill (Moneybookers) prepaid Mastercard.

Safety concerns

Skrill is not only licensed by the FSA, but also in 43 American states (with the other 7 either requiring no license or in the process of granting one. The most advanced encryption technologies are used in order to protect privacy and prevent fraud. However, the company is currently working on tackling emerging threats, which are the typical scams (car, apartment, online dating, phishing, auction site and reverse escrow) that profiteers use by involving Skrill and even claiming their cooperation in some instances. An online disclaimer and tutorial is available, aimed at safeguarding customers from con artists.

Signing up

Creating an account is a simple process from the start, differentiated as consumer or business accounts. After determining the choice, it only takes another step for personal accounts to be set up or two more for business ones. An individual only has to enter his/her basic details and preferences, while a business, after entering its own details and preferences, also has to declare its sales activity. The choice of acquiring a Moneybookers MasterCard is also available upon opening the account. Sign-up at Skrill (Moneybookers)

Customer Support

Should any questions about Skrill’s services arise, its customer support team will promptly address them. E-mails, regular mail letters, telephone calls or faxes are all supported and there is a special department for merchants. Generally, the support center separates six types of issues: deposits, withdrawals, money sending, the client’s profile, account/security and complaints.