Zenit vs Borussia Dortmund [Champions League Recap, February 25th]

We placed a bet with bet365 on Robert Lewandowski as an anytime goalscorer in Borussia Dortmund’s match against Zenit, and we won the bet as Lewandowski was cleared from the flu just mere moments before the match, even though he needed to be careful as he had a yellow card to worry about.

The visitors imposed Zenit a highly pressing game and in the 4th minute, Marco Reus made his way into Zenit’s box, passed it to Mkhitaryan who scored from a very close range. A minute after Dortmund’s goal, Zenit proves true to the saying that a team is most vulnerable after they concede a goal. Immediately after the restart, Grosskreutz lays the ball perfectly for Reus who makes it 0-2.


The second half saw a Zenit with a different set of mind and they even managed to score in the 57th minute through Shatov, and the goal came over Dortmund’s defense, exposing the weaknesses. Lewandowski created and converted the chance he got into a goal on the 61 minute when he picked up the ball from outside the box, combined it with Piszczek, and after that scored himself. The Polish striker has this uncanny ability to develop chances of goals from thin air and this is a trait that makes him special.

On the 69th minute Zenit was awarded a penalty after Piszczek fouled Fayzulin inside the box, and Hulk converted from the white spot after his team managed to miss three penalties in a row this season, yet they scored the most important one. The Russians didn’t learn from their mistakes, and allowed Lewandowski to complete his brace on the 71 minute when Reus assisted the Pole for a goal into the tight corner of Zenit’s post.

Dortmund’s made their intentions clear, despite their Bundesliga form, and Lewandowski went to exchange a few words with Tymoshchuk as the two know each other pretty well from Tymo’s days at Bayern.

Result: +8,75 units, bet won

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