Zenit vs Borussia Dortmund [Champions League Prediction, February 25th]

Borussia Dortmund returns to Champions League action by traveling to Russia this Tuesday to measure forces with Zenit, and last year’s finalist is the overall favorite to return home with the three points. Bet365 gives Dortmund odds of 1.72 to win, while an eventual upset by Zenit is priced up at 4.50.

Luciano Spaletti is confident that his side’s loss to Austria Wien was just an accident and will not hinder their performance in front of the Germans. Zenit finished second in Group G, only trailing behind Atletico Madrid. In their national Championship the team is at level of points with Lokomotiv Moskow, and don’t look too keen on leaving the first spot. Their main goalscorer in all European competitions is Aleksandr Kerzhakov with 28 goals, and the person to know the visitors best would be Bayern Munich’s ex-player Anatolyi Tymoshchuk, who will also register his 50th Champions League appearance.


When Dortmund won against Werder Bremen, their joy was overshadowed by Sven Bender and Marco Reus’ injuries that kept on adding to the already decimated team. Recently, Jurgen Klopp gave great news to the fans by stating that Reus is poised to return for the first leg against Zenit, yet still refuses to see his team as overall favorites to win. The visitors have to be extra careful as Robert Lewandowski and Sven Bender are both one card away from suspension, which could turn out to be detrimental to their return leg against the Russians.

Nobody said the victory will be handed to Borussia Dortmund on a silver platter; they will have to work for it and prove why statistically they are the better team out of the two. The Germans also have a good record of clean sheets which with bet365 is accounted for at 3.25. We are going to bet 7 units on Robert Lewandowski as an anytime goalscorer with 2.25 odds.

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