Sweden – USA [Prediction]

Prediction: Draw

Stake: 51/20

Match day: July 6

Stadium: Wolfsburg


This final game of Group C is a long-awaited duel between two teams that performed superbly so far, and will most likely do so in the next stages. Both teams are already qualified, so this last face-off will be more about protecting one’s reputation and pleasing fans than scoring points. Of course, the winner avoids Brazil in the quarter finals, so that’s another reason to win on Wednesday.

Sweden seemed to me a bit predictable so far. They did beat both North Korea and Colombia, but in both games the adversary managed to contain them. North Korea even had them sweat bullets towards the end of the last game. Nevertheless, despite the Asian seige at their goal, the North Europeans stood their ground and got the three points. They also pleased the crowds with some unusual forms of celebrations. On the flip side, that cost the Swedes the banishment of Caroline Seger from their upcoming match against the Americans. Fischer could be a good replacement for Seger, but then the Swedish tactic has to be changed radically.

On the other side, it seems as if the USA are doing much better. They scored 5 times up to now and conceded none. Although they too had a rough time against North Korea, in both their matches the immediate pressure upon the adversary and the ball possession mixed perfectly with a tightly-knit team of impressive teamwork. Plus, over 24.000 American fans came to watch them last time, and surely they’ll be in Wolfsburg for their girls’ big match too! That adds to their already huge motivation to prove their number one status.

The bookies punish the Swedes hard: 19/4 are the odds on Bwin for a Swedish victory, and 51/20 for a draw. The Americans have a small 59/100 quote. The Swedish odds seem really attractive, but I don’t think they’ll have the muscle at the midfield to withstand the US’s aggressive ball control. A draw seems like a fair result, and I’m risking 2 units on it!

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