Sunderland vs Manchester City (Premier League, 03.12.2014)

Manchester City are due for a match up against Sunderland, the team which have caused them numerous problems in the past and are out to hinder their first place ambitions once again. Despite being on the 13th place Sunderland managed to hold to a frustrating 0-0 draw the current Premier League leaders, and while the Citizens have to thank them for the result, Sunderland will not be an easy prey.

The Citizens joined the invincible rank after the win against Bayern Munich, but if you look at their results in recent years against Sunderland, said result counts for nothing. Sergio Aguero is the key player the Citizens count on, seeing as Silva is still under doubt, and he’s the only playmaker able to both create and implement a chance to score. Sunderland will miss Giaccherini and Jones, while City will be without Mangala who got a red card ruing the weekend.
Dzeko, Kolarov and Kompany are also set to miss this crucial game, and while Sunderland come from three consecutive draws, a fourth one with 4.50 odds from Titan Bet looks like a long shot when taking into account Aguero’s 14 goals in the last 20 Premier League matches. Sunderland intend to take advantage of Manchester City’s defensive problems and continue the trend of winning with 1-0 when playing at home. Said result has 19.00 odds, while an outright Man City win has 1.48 odds, a Sunderland one 7.00 and a Sergio Aguero goal has 1.80 odds. For Sunderland Fletcher has 4.00 odds, Altidore 5.00 and Adam Johnson 5.50.

Both teams to score
has 1.75 odds, Manchester City to win both halves has 3.50 odds, Sunderland 31.00 and an odd number of goals 1.90. We are going to bet 7 units on Manchester City to score in both halves with 2.10 odds from Titan Bet.

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