Shalke 04 vs. Wolfsburg [Prediction, February 1]

Bundesliga gives way to some interesting matches that have certified favorites and not really. One of these matches is against Shalke 04 and Wolfsburg, two teams on the 5th and 6th places on the Bundesliga table that are separated by merely one point. Ladbrokes has valuable odds for both teams, though if you study them closely – it’s leaning towards favoring the home side.

Even though Shalke are the favorites of this match, not one bookie is discarding Wolfsburg. Though, if you look at Shalke’s home form, you’ll see that their losses only come from Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, while their away games finds Shalke 04 with 16 conceded goals. The opening Bundesliga 2014 match saw Shalke with a clean sheet 3-0 win over Hamburger SV that should give them the much needed boost of confidence. Huntelaar was the player in charge of scoring the first goal, but you can also look towards Farfan and Max Meyer to be the ones for scoring goals. Look at the squad the hosts are sporting, with Julian Draxler and Kevin Prince Boateng back in the mix, Shalke 04 looks like a shoe in for them to score first betting market.
Wolfsburg started Bundesliga with a defeat against Hannover 96, which was their first for the past 6 head to head games. The team fairs much better at home where they managed to score 18 goals and concede only 9. In the away games this season, Wolfsburg has somewhere around the half mark winning rate and they concede much more easily, 13 goals against.

The majority of bookies predict an even match that may very well end in a draw; either that, or both teams to score. If you go for the under 2.5 goals per match then Ladbrokes has a 2.10 odds for it to happen, but we’ll bet 6 units on the second half to be the one with the majority of goals.

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