Sevilla vs. Levante [Prediction, January 25th]

We know how much better a performance at your home stadium can be and bet365 backs us up by making FC Sevilla the favorite to win in the match against Levante that not only can’t keep the score, but also scores own goals. They lost with 1-4 after leading with 1-0 in the first half.

Even though Levante is on the 11th place, and sport a negative goal difference, they have a great record against Sevilla with three draws and two wins in their last five matches. They could use this opportunity to score, maybe win and move further up in La Liga. A clean sheet is not a sure betting market; Levante in away games has been a recipe for disaster since out of five matches four ended with defeats. David Barral and El Zhar are expected to score against Sevilla, provided Barral doesn’t get sent off again.
Sevilla is pushing towards ending this La Liga among the top dogs, and it looks they are in impressive form; however, that is not enough for a team that wants to challenge the ticket for next year’s European adventure. One thing that can hinder their good performance is the fact that some of their key players are set to leave the club. Cala is linked with Getafe; Perotti is still keeping his silence, but is rumored to be leaving. Rakitic and Bacca are the ones with the goals for the home side who hasn’t lost here since November.

Sevilla is in a better shape than Levante and are expected to win this match, with bet365 giving them 1.36 odds of doing so. A draw is at 4.60, but we decided to place 6 units on the double chance of a draw and Sevilla to win the match at 3.75 with odds from bet365.

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