Russia vs Algeria (World Cup Recap, 26.06.2014)

On June 26 we watched the final Group H matches, which decided the fate of two teams to advance to the Round of 16. As we all know, it will be Belgium, the group’s leader with the total of 9 points, and the runners up Algeria with 4 points.

The main struggle was between Russia and Algeria because both teams had a chance to qualify; it all depended on their performance during yesterday’s match. Eventually, Algeria came from the behind and draw with Russia, thus, making it to the next round for the first time ever.

In two previous matches, Russia scored only one goal against Korea and ended the meeting in a 1-1 draw. The second encounter was won by Belgium (1-0) with Russia not managing to score. The third match against Algeria ended in 1-1 draw; the Russian forward Alexander Kokorin found the net on the 5th minute, while Islam Slimani took the revenge only in the second half (60’). Russia were pretty active during the first half but, as a rule, they are not capable on making the final push. So far, they didn’t win any of three group stage matches and scored only 2 goals.


Sure enough, Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev would be one of those players to enter the World Cup’s history, unfortunately, with a bad record. After the match against Korea, he was widely discussed for his lack of skill as he spilled the ball in his net. This time, he missed the ball because someone from the stands blinded him with a laser. This is pretty much of a scandal and Russia coach Fabio Capello was outraged, “Our goalkeeper was affected by a laser 10 seconds before the goal. He was blinded by a laser, there are photos, films of it. I’m not looking for excuses. I accept defeats.”

Anyway, you might wonder why is it always Akinfeev? Why is he so unlucky? Is that the bad-luck-World-Cup for him? What if there wasn’t a laser, would he punch the ball away?
Of course, Algerians were absolutely excited about their results and, I’d say a bit too excited, as their couch Vahid Halilhodzic stated, “I am very proud but we can play better. Why not against Germany?” Most probably, this is not a right approach to relax and think of Germans as of easily-doable-task. Up till now, Algeria won the match against Korea 4-2, lost to Belgium 1-2 and played a 1-1 draw with Russia at that scoring the total of 6 goals.

In the prediction for this match I wrote that Algeria would win and I expected goals to be over 2.5; unfortunately, I lost my bet as it was a draw with the goals under 2.5. For now, I can only wish Algerians to get seriously ready for the very upcoming match against Die Mannschaft, while Russia have 4 more years to give it a try at the 2018 World Cup.

Result: bet lost

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