Russia vs Algeria (World Cup Prediction, 26.06.2014)

Russia and Algeria will meet in the final clash on Thursday 26th. They will fight for the place in the Round of 16; meanwhile, Belgium, the Group H confident favorite, have already made it through.

Both Russia and Algeria have pretty much the same chances, but the main difference is that Algeria were relatively good throughout the World Cup group stage, while Russia were relatively bad. These two teams met before only once and the match ended in a draw. As long as Korea doesn’t stand any chances against Belgium, a draw works perfectly for Algeria. At the moment, they have three points that they won against Korea (4-2) and if the match against Russia ends in a draw, they will have the total of 4 points. So far, Algeria proved to be very competitive and showed some nice attacking moments.


As to Russia, if they play a draw, they remain with only two points and fly back home. However, if they do go to the Round of 16, most likely they will play against Germany and that brings Russia to the same outcome – going home. At least, they will prove themselves of some value. In order to show positive results, Russia coach Fabio Capello should definitely let out Dzagoev and Kerzhakov play more than 2 minutes. The goalkeeper Akinfeev is also a big concern; he is showing pretty much unstable results and became quite a joke, when he couldn’t properly hold to the ball. Finally, Russians miss a grasp; every time they have a slight chance to net a goal, they do something wrong.

Up till now, I got the impression that Russians ruin everything in the final – most important – moment, so I say that Algeria will win at the bets odds 3.7 at Betfair, with 7 units from us. I also believe that the total goals will be over 2.5 (mostly due to Algeria’s contribution) at 2.26 odds. The odds are good for both bets, so you can choose the one you find more attractive.

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