PSG vs Bayer Leverkusen [Recap, March 12]

The bet we placed with bet365 on a 2-0 win by PSG in front of their supporters didn’t pay off. PSG did score two goals, but Leverkusen awoke from their deep slumber and scored first through Sidney Sam.

Having a 4-0 lead will give one the confidence that the ticket to the quarterfinals is booked and therefore putting a good show in front of your own supporters is not needed. Maybe that was the reason why Laurent Blanc was left highly frustrated with the team’s performance and the attitude of some PSG players.


The hosts started the match rather laid back, which allowed Leverkusen to impose their own style of play and even score in the first 6 minutes. The goal might have stirred something in the French team as the equalizer came mere six minutes after, when Marquinos scored a header. Ibrahimovic then had his own chance to score only that if Leverkusen had a good day, then Leno had an even better one.

The same thing could be said about Sirigu, who either caught or cleared powerful shots from Sam, and even Simon Rolfes’ free kick. Leno was once again in place to deny Edison Cavani the goal in the second half, but was unable to stop Lavezzi from passing to Digne in the 53 minute. It was 2-1 for PSG, but Leverkusen in true German spirit refused to forfeit and still looked like the most dangerous team on the field.

Result: -7 units, bet lost

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