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I’m back after a long while of being off the field. I didn’t get too much action lately, except for maybe a little bit in the last games of the European leagues. And some international friendlies as well. But other than that, I didn’t bet that often. Played some poker every now and then on Bwin, but I’ve yet to go positive on my bankroll there.

Summer is close and all leagues are already finished. Some great football especially in  Holland and Spain this year, and I’m looking forward to the other international friendlies for the summer. And to the beach, of course! And maybe to be writing some more on here.

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my partners, whom I follow from time to time and sometimes comment on their posts too. Here are some recent posts that I found interesting and I’d definitely recommend:

Elisa from ForzaFutbol describes in this post about her trip to see the USA – Spain friendly. Though the match was close to a disaster for the US team, she met a lot of sports bloggers and fans, and took a lot of pictures! Great to see so much enthusiasm for a national friendly game!

Sameer from Let’s Kick Off gives a short intro on the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, which turned out to be a very exciting race, for F1 fans or haters alike! Good post, now waiting for his opinion on the final race.

SoccerWrapUp posted an image of the new Real Madrid outfit for the following season, featuring Kaka. I’m more surprised that Kaka is in that picture, maybe more than the actual new outfit. You should really see the pic, the black lines have been replaced by gold, and overall it’s worse, though the collar looks like an old-school polo shirt’s.

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I got into the exciting world of sports betting years ago when information on the subject was much more difficult to find. Of course I made a lot of rookie mistakes and bad bets but over time I learned from those experiences. Nowadays, those who want to start out placing sports bets have the opposite problem. There’s so much information available that it’s so hard to sort through it all and to know who to listen to. With this blog I’ll be doing that work for you and I’ll strive to bring you nothing but the best betting tips and information the internet has to offer. I invite you, my readers, to actively participate and share your feelings and experiences by commenting on my blog entries!

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