Netherlands vs Latvia (EURO 2016 Qualifiers, 16.11.2014)

The Netherlands attempt to salvage their qualification campaign in the match against Latvia now that Gus Hiddink promised to step down if his team loses. Latvia are just one point behind the Netherlands in group A, and while the hosts have just one win in three games, Latvia has two draws and one defeat.

The hosts come from a defeat against Mexico, which saw Robin Van Persie on the bench alongside Cillessen. Ron Vlaar got injured during the match and Karim Rekik from PSV got the call to join the national team. Latvia got one point against Turkey after Valerijs Sabala scored from the white spot, but the visitors don’t have a good record in away games, which is why they could be too overwhelmed to really cause some problems to the hosts.
Group A is led by the Czech Republic and Iceland both with three wins in three games, which puts pressure on the Netherlands not to commit anymore mistakes. Arjen Robben, Netherland’s captain in the friendly against Mexico stated that while he did not want to point fingers, the fact that they are very poor at the back disrupts the pace set by the front line, being wonderfully led by him, Sneijder and Huntelaar.

Latvia played against the Netherlands only once, back in 2004 when this Sunday’s hosts won with 3-0. The same result on Sunday has 6.50 odds from Bet365 mainly due to the fact that the Netherlands have much to offer in attack yet somehow under Hiddink this is not noticeable. Tim Krul had a good game against Mexico, and even if Cillessen starts it should be enough to grant a clean sheet.

The hosts should be given another chance, and Bet365 offers them 1.14 odds to win outright as opposed to Latvia’s 13.00. Netherlands for both halves have 1.50, Latvia 29.00 and the hosts with a -2 handicap have 1.95 odds. Bet365 gives Holland 1.80 to keep a clean sheet and van Persie to score has 1.61 odds, Robben and Huntelaar 1.90 while Depay and Sneijder both have 2.40 odds. We are going to take a chance and bet 8 units on over 2.5 goals in the second half with 2.75 odds.

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