Napoli 1 – 1 Inter Milan [Recap]

The Serie A game was not THAT entertaining to watch, but the result is very good for my sports bets. From my two football bets on this game, I earned 2.85 units! All because both teams, in the end, wanted to draw. What did you expect, they’re on the second and third places, and none could go higher.

The first half was nice to watch. Both goals were scored then. The first one, by Eto’o came pretty quickly, just 15 minutes after the game started on San Paolo stadium. After that, Napoli continuosly attacked Inter’s goal, but not much came out of it. In fact, Eto’o had a few other good opportunities to increase Inter’s advantage. Only in the added time of the first half did they manage to score through Juan Camilo Zúñiga.

Nothing happened in the second half. Both teams were content with the draw, so they just passed the ball around at midfield, waiting for time to pass by. I don’t consider that a sportive attitute, but there you have it. On the other hand, it did help both my soccer bets. If you remember from this post, I bet on a draw for 2 units, which brought me 1.9 units. Then I predicted that the game wouldn’t have more than 2 goals, considering both teams’ record when playing together on San Paolo. It was true, and that brought me an  extra 0.95 units. At least this makes up for the failed Chelsea – Newcastle match 🙂

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