Malaga vs. Sevilla [Recap, February 1]

The statistics truth that Malaga plays better at home was once again proven right as they won against Sevilla with 3-2, and we lost the bet placed with William Hill on Sevilla to win the first half. The chances to score belonged to Sevilla after the whistle for the start of the match, Jose Antonia Reyes and Coke’s strikes were saved by Caballero, who was having a great night once again.

Malaga then proceeded with their own attacking tactics and were rewarded with a goal on the 31 minute through a penalty, skillfully put into the net by Duda. Just five minutes later, a Razzie worthy performance from Vitollo who was demanding a penalty didn’t confuse the referee, who gave the player a yellow card for simulation.

malaga vs sevilla la liga

Sevilla made two changes after the second half, and the change in attitude was more than noticeable. Gamerio and Diogo, who came in for Reyes and Coke, were leading the attack on Malaga’s goal line, and their efforts paid off in the 49th minute, when Bacca sent the ball into the bottom corner of Caballero’s post. Moreno hit the post few minutes later, and Caballero wasn’t so lucky when Rakitic executed flawlessly a fee kick to make it 2-1 for Sevilla.

The visitors couldn’t hold off on their lead and as a result, shortly after 10 minutes, Samu’s shot from a big distance, became a goal by piercing the top right corner of Beto’s post. The winning goal came a few minutes later , when Duda managed the brace after receiving Pablo Perez’ pass that missed Alberto Moreno; talk about being in the right place, at the right time.

Result: -6 units, bet lost

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