Malaga vs. Sevilla [Prediction, February 1]

In Spain La Liga is interesting not just for the fight for the top spot, the middle layer gives way to rather interesting matches. One of them is Malaga vs Sevilla, set for the 22 matchday for which we’ll take odds from William Hill.

An interesting common fact is that prior to this match both teams lost in la Liga, though Malaga had it worse, they lost against Barcelona with 3-0 and slipped to the 16th place which puts them too close to the relegation zone they want to avoid. They have 21 points out of 21 matches and it looks like a win is the one thing to keep them straight en route to climb up the La Liga table. Malaga didn’t win this year; the one thing they can boast about is the goalless draw against Valencia and a goalkeeper with great saves; Caballero is the one to thank for the Valencia point.
Malaga also plays better at home, but they do have injuries to worry about as Weligton, Samu and Gamez will be missing out, but they will be looking towards Santa Cruz to score at least once for a boost of confidence. Sevilla lost against Levante, in a match they were the clear favorites, but it just goes to prove that not always the overall favorite on paper can deliver.

Sevilla is on the 7th place with 31 points, so it is rather understandable that they are regarded as the favorites to score first. They started the year with a win over Getafe and a clean sheet, but then they had two consequent 1-1 draws against Elche and Atletico Madrid. It is difficult to know how will Malaga fair in this match, but the real issue is that Sevilla is better at transforming chances into goals, are undefeated in the last five away games and an outright win is not out of the cards.

William Hill gives 4.20 odds of Sevilla winning both halves as well as 1.90 for there to be over 1.0 goals in the first half. A clean sheet goes for 3.30 for Sevilla and 3.90 for Malaga but considering where the teams stand we’ll bet 6 units on Sevilla winning the first half at 3.07.

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