LOSC Lille vs Everton (Europa League, 23.10.2014)

The two headliners from group H meet in France for bragging rights on who gets to be called the team to bounce back from a not so good internal league from. Currently, Everton are the only team in the group to be able to win a game, and while neither can afford a draw, they have enough talent to decide a match, even if with the current group standings Lille needs to win more.

Lille have one win in the last five matches, three of which are defeats and one draw against Wolfsburg. Martin, Lopes and Ryan Mendes are all unavailable for selection due to injuries which does not bode well for a team that are currently on the 8th place in Ligue 1 with 15 points after 10 match days. Their problem is not the attacking power, but the finishing of created chances which almost never end up in goals. A case for study: their Champions League qualification tie against Porto, where they were unable to really threaten the Portuguese goal line.
Everton are not looking too sharp either, as they sport the counter performance of having conceded 16 goals in Premier League. However their most recent result is a win against Aston Villa where they kept a clean sheet. After winning against Wolfsburg, they failed to capitalize on being the favorites and ended the match against Krasnodar in a draw, and their performance was mainly dictated by injuries, but Everton should take comfort on getting Seamus Coleman and Ross Barkley back from long injury spells. Roberto Martinez will also be able to count on Naismith being in top form, seeing as the striker has already 4 goals to his tally.

For this particular match we’re betting 8 units on an outright Everton win at 2.90 odds with Unibet. Lille to win has 2.50 odds and both teams to score has 1.88 odds. Samuel Eto’o is the main choice in the betting market of a player hitting the crossbar but without scoring with 10.00 odds. No goals in the first half with 2.60 odds and Origi to score 3.35 odds. Lukaku in the same betting market has 3.00 odds and Samuel Eto’o 3.35, with Steven Naismith at 3.75 to score anytime.

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