Internazionale vs Catania [Prediction, January 26th]

Internazionale Milano is the overall bookie favorite to win this Sunday match against Catania who is placed last. Nobody puts past Inter the poor form in which they have been lately, but surely they can turn around and show the impressive form everyone deems them for. Their last four matches show nothing but desolation, they lost four of them, and got a point from the match against Chievo.

Last time they won was against AC Milan in December, and the surprise win Genoa had over them was beyond expectations, because statistically speaking Inter was the better team. Considering that after Catania they have to play against the almighty Juve, it’s highly due they make the most out of this match.
Catania hit rock bottom in Serie A, but still maintains hopes of making it alive into the next edition. The distance between them and the other two relegated clubs is 3 points, because they are level with Livorno. For Inter, Palacio and Nagamoto, are the main goalscorers with 10 and respectively 5 goals each.

Their last two matches ended with an interesting trend, Inter scored three goals against Catania, but the match in March of last year saw Catania leading Inter with 2-0 after just 20 minutes of play. Inter couldn’t turn around the result until the second half when Alvarez and Palacio scored for a 3-2 win.

Bet365 has a Inter win at 1.33, but the goals market looks like a shoe in, for what should not have been such a difficult match for Inter. Palacio to score first and Inter to win is priced up at 5.00, and Inter to win both halves goes for 3.00 a bet which we’ll back up with 6 units.

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