Italian Serie A


Serie A is the championship tournament between the clubs situated at the top of the Italian League; it was founded as we know it in 1930. It is considered one of the 5 top leagues in the world and has produced 4 of world’s most famous clubs, Juventus, Milan, Roma and Internazionale, who won the first titles. The next 11 years were dominated by Juventus and Bologna, but the 50’s started to show Milan’s ascent to the top.

Serie A is made of 20 teams that play each other every weekend starting in August, with small breaks, when the national team has competitions to take part in. Several games are played on Saturday evening, and the rest are played on Sunday afternoon, with some midweek features on Wednesday and Thursday. The first half of the season is called andata and it used to describe the first 19 matches, while the second half ritorno begins somewhere around New Year’s Eve. Get an Asian betting account via an agent and start to bet on Serie A!

If you want to bet on Serie A, you won’t miss, because sometimes the games provide such turnarounds that not even the best Serie A predictions could have foreseen. Its most successful club is Juventus with 27 won titles, followed by AC Milan and Internazionale – who share the same stadium – with 18 championships and Genoa with 9 titles. At the end of each season, the champions win the Scudetto – a symbol which survived time and means a lot for the players. First introduced in 1924, it is worn on the shirts of the winners the following season, as it indicates that the teams are the Champions. They are also awarded the Italian Championship Cup, this being the official trophy since 1960 and they’re also given direct Champions League access, with the team who finishes third going onto play the qualifying round. The next two teams must undergo qualifying rounds before entering the group stages.

Serie_A_trophyLike mentioned above, Italy has its big four teams, but rest assured, the top bookmakers will offer you the best odds for the smaller teams with chances to qualify for additional Europe League spots, bet365 being one of the most preferred ones. And even a small club like Chievo Verona, where everyone knows that they could not compete against Serie A giants for a Champions League spot, could still provide great upsets in the domestic league.

Seria A teams have always liked to rely on tactics during a game and have been criticized for their defensive approach while playing; things seem to have changed lately, as this season’s Serie A is one of the hardest fought championships in recent history. Juventus, for example, who had an amazing run last year, has already lost three times and is only three points ahead.

Serie A has an average of 2.7 goals per game, last season turning out to be more goal driven than before and so far, the most common score seems to be 2-1. Statistics show that 24 games have finished with this exact score. This being said, our best Serie A tips will help you place the best bets on who will score first or how many goals will one game have.


Another thing for which Serie A is known for are the sponsorship deals, such as Juventus signing a contract with Samsung, who will become the club’s technical partner and Fiat, Jeep and Tamoil being their main shirt sponsors. AC Milan has Sky Italia, Taci Oil and Emirates as their main shirt sponsors and their main equipment provider is Adidas. Nike has recently signed a 10-year agreement with AS Roma to become their official shirt and equipment provider.

Serie A offers the best possibilities for placing a bet towards the end of the season when speculations about arranged games help out the best odds fly up to the sky and offer you the most there is. Although the scandals have rocked Serie A to its core, recent years have proven that Italy has a very strong mentality to overcome such difficult situations.

Serie A has set some really interesting records such as Internazionale being the team who played the most seasons in the championship (81), has had the highest number of consecutive wins (17, during 2006-2007) and accomplished the highest amount of wins in one season. Juventus has set its records as well with the most scored goals (4506), most matches won (1381) and longest unbeaten streaks during a Serie A season (2011-2012). Another interesting record belongs to Fiorentina’s forward Gabriel Batistuta, who managed to score in 13 Serie A games consecutively.

While some might argue that Serie A is still in crisis with no signs of a quick recovery in sight, Italian coaches are the highest valued in Europe and all around the world. Massimiliano Alegri is doing a great job for AC Milan, Antonio Conte at Juventus, and Francesco Guidolini at Udinese; so, with their efforts and our unrivalled Serie A predictions, you can never go wrong while betting on any Serie A game.


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