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English Premier League Review

The English Premier League, commonly known as the premiership is relatively new compared to other leagues, as its history begins in 1992 and the first games were played in August of the same year. England’s First Division began its history in 1888, but, with time, it lagged way behind the other leagues, which prompted the English Federation to implement some changes.
Barclays Premier LeagueSince the League was formed in 1992, it had 22 clubs and a lot of games to be played between the clubs; so, at FIFA’s insistence that all leagues diminish the number of games, Premier League ended up with just 20 teams. It shares the same European qualification standards, the same rules about the clubs doomed to relegation, and, while some use head-to-head results to separate the teams with the same number of points, the Premier League uses goal difference. An exception to the European qualification system was made in 2005 right after Liverpool won the Champions League, but didn’t qualify for any of the places that led to it the next season. So UEFA made an exception and gave Liverpool the right to take part in the competition, thus, giving England 5 teams in Champions League. If you are a Champions League supporter you should definitely check best betting software to reach highest odds and limits.

The Best Teams in the History of Premier League

Even though over 40 teams took part in Premier League, only five managed to win the title, with Manchester United leading the race with 12 wins, Arsenal and Chelsea with 3, and Blackburn Rovers with Manchester City with one title. The winner of the title gets a trophy made of different types of silver, weighing 25 kg and measuring 76 cm in height. The base is made out of a special type of stone, green-colored to represent the color of the field and it lists all previous winners from its first season in 1992 up to this day. The design of the trophy is based on English history and the barclays premier league trophytale of 3 lions, 2 of which are placed above the handles, and the third being the team captain who raises the trophy at the end of the season.

Another important organization in the British Football is the Emirates FA Cup; with a total of 14 rounds, it is the first one to be carried out on a regional level. It begins in August among the lowest ranked clubs and as it advances further, our bookmakers will offer you the best odds to single out a winner in a certain game. Manchester United leads the list of winners with 11 trophies, followed by Arsenal with 10, Chelsea and Tottenham with 8 and Liverpool, Aston Villa with 7. Follow the best Premier League predictions and become a winner too!

Statistics show that Arsenal has the most consecutive wins, 14 to be exact, in the 2002 Championship. Manchester is the only club who can boast about winning the title 3 times in a row, while Chelsea takes the crown for most wins during a season, 29 to be specific, during 2004-2005 and 2005-2005 Premier League games. Last season, for example, Arsenal managed to go unbeaten and this record was reflected in the best Premier League odds. Where else to bet on a British football league than at a British bookmaker? Reading our Premier League tips you will learn that in most cases we choose to place our bets at original Pinnacle account with a betting broker, which most of the time provides the most attractive Premier League odds.

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