In the early fifties there was already talk about making a central German Division, seeing as before there were four Divisions and the champions of each were forced to play in a cup final to win the title. The German game began to lose its edge, a fact which only intensified the belief that there was a need to improve the national level of football in order to stay competitive internationally; it was in August 1963 that the first Bundesliga game took place, and FC Köln was the first to win the title.

Originally, Bundesliga only awarded 2 points for each win, and just in 1995 they started awarding 3 points for the win, same as in other European championships. Another interesting peculiarity that makes it easier to place a bet on Bundesliga matches, is the fact that the team that places third in Bundesliga 2 will have to play a two-leg match against the 16th team from the Bundesliga, and the winner gets to play against the best clubs of the country the following season. Bundesliga supporters know that best odds can be reachable on the best betting software VIP-IBC.

In 2004, Bundesliga adapted a new idea, following a custom by the Italian Federation and gave the teams the possibility to use gold stars on their jerseys, thus honoring them and the titles they won. Each country uses the stars in a different way, and Germany decided to give out one star for 3 titles, two for five, three for 10 titles and four for 20. Rest assured, it is easily understood now why the best Bundesliga predictions almost always have Bayern Munich on top, as it had won the title 22 times, Borussia Dortmund and Monchengladbach with 5 titles, Werder Bremen with 4, and Hamburger SV with Stuttgart, who have won a total of 3 times.

The trophy the winner is awarded is most commonly known as “the salad dish”, and it stays in possession of the team for the entire year. The plate was made to replace the original trophy which got lost in the war, never to be found again. Originally the plate weighted 5.5 kg, and the names of all German champions since 1903 were engraved on it. After several years, and specifically in 1981 it was obvious that the plate became too small for engravings, so the Federation had another ring attached to it, thus providing space for another 30 years of engravings. The downside might be the fact that now the trophy weights 11 kg.

The race for the trophy usually starts in August, after all, teams get their license and transfers done, with the break usually after matchday 16 or 17. The break comes before Christmas, and lasts up until the middle of January; not taking into account the breaks when the National teams play some qualification games. Rest assured, we will cover as many Bundesliga predictions as our time allows!

It is said Bundesliga has always been in competition with the English Premier League when it comes to attracting sponsors, but as of lately, there is literally none to speak of, as according to BBC, Bundesliga became the most financially secure league in the world. All this was thanks to the fact that the teams mainly rely on homegrown talents, not the purchase of really expensive foreign players; and in such a way, just how many German talents are parts of the best teams in the world right now? Listing them could take forever, but there is no doubt that German Bundesliga is the place that gives the world one of its best players.


Another great factor contributing to Bundesliga currently being the best league in Europe is the attendance numbers, as an average of more than 45,000 tickets are being sold for each game, and the majority of fans are young people; goes to show how great of a promotion Bundesliga does among them with lowering the prices for tickets, and just anything that would build up people’s interest in the game. The response Bundesliga is getting with fans has never been bigger, and the interest in live events is increasing. You can find the best Bundesliga tips here; it will help you place the best bets on any live event you want to wager on. While Spain and England may claim they have the best league in the world, nobody can deny the obvious facts, for example, while Liverpool created their fancy sketches for the new stadium, Hoffenheim built theirs.

The sponsorship deals mean a great deal to the German teams, and unlike with other leagues, sponsors are literally battling themselves in offers for the shirts of the teams. Look at Bayern Munich’s deal with Deutsche Telekom; they secured some ad rights, besides being their obvious shirt sponsors. Other sponsorship deals include Coca Cola, Adidas, Hermes, Rewe, Gaffel, Emirates and even Volkswagen.

We’ve presented the facts, and our bookmakers give you the most attractive odds for you to make a decision about the best league in Europe, just take a chance and follow the best Bundesliga tips on the web that you can find here, you will not be disappointed. If you haven’t decided which bookie is the most suitable for you, check for asian bookie review via an agent and start betting now!


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