FC Schalke – Wolfsburg [Prediction]

On 6th of October, FC Schalke are going to face Wolfsburg at Bundesliga. I expect this to be a spectacular match, and for me, it is pretty clear who the winner is going to be. Judging by the teams’ previous head to head confrontations, FC Schalke is undoubtedly the favourite. Until now, the teams met at Bundesliga five times: twice in 2010, on the 21st of February, when FC Schalke defeated Wolfsburg with 2-1, and on the 13th of November, when both teams scored 2 goals and ended the match with a draw. After that, they also met twice in 2011, on the 9th of april and on the 11th of September. Both times FC Schalke defeated Wolfsburg, the first time with 1-0 and the second time with 2-1. Last time they met was this year, on the 19th of February. Their last encounter was a sheer disaster for Wolfsburg, who didn’t manage to score even one goal against their opponents, who scored 4 times.

Regarding the teams’ last matches from this season at Bundesliga, Wolfsburg haven’t managed to achieve good results. On the other hand, FC Schalke performed really great in the match against FSV Mainz, which ended up with the score 3 to 0.

However, this time I expect the match to be much more balanced than the last one. Moreover, after such loss, Wolfsburg might certainly fight for a revenge. Therefore, I am going to place a bet on FC Schalke’s victory. I bet 10 units at 1.44. The odds I used are from William Hill.

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2 Comments on "FC Schalke – Wolfsburg [Prediction]"

  1. Deutsch_soul October 9, 2012 at 5:09 pm -

    I feel pity for the “wolves”…it seems that they simply cannot rise their gaming level

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  2. cireasadepetort October 9, 2012 at 5:18 pm -

    haha…this two teams, apart from their country also have in common a rather controversed figure…Felix Magath, who was fired from Schalke has been the head coach and sporting director of Wolfsburg since 2011. Take a look at this for more juicy information :))) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VfL_Wolfsburg

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