England – France [Prediction]

Prediction: France to win

Stake: 6/5

Match date: July 9

Stadium: Leverkusen


The long-awaited duel between England and France was made possible especially by a firm 2-0 British victory against Japan. England thus won the prize of delaying the serious threat of facing Germany for the semis. However, though France are ranked lower than Japan, England themselves are ranked lower than France. And considering the two teams’ performance so far, it is nearly impossible to predict a likely outcome!

The English come after a confident 2-0 win over Japan, a display of defensive power and attacking genius. The Brits managed to keep the Japanese attack at bay, while taking advantage of their defensive holes to infiltrate, and to score. England didn’t lose any game so far, but they drew against Mexico in their first game and had a tough time coming back in the New Zealand game. Though they confirmed their abilities against Japan, they will have to do it again, and with larger stakes, against a thirsty France.

France, the world’s 8th best team is under great pressure at the moment. They lost 2-4 to Germany in their previous game, and their first-choice goalkeeper Sapowicz is suspended. They will have to go with the backup, and that won’t help morale. Plus, will they be able to handle pressure? They didn’t show that against Germany, and a lot of French girls in the squad were brought from the U19 team. A successful experiment, given that this French Team won the Euro championship in 2009. But can the youngsters cope with the pressures of a quarter final?

To wrap it up, a more optimistic England size will face a younger and more determined French side. I am leaning towards France to win this one, seen the problems that they made for the Germans even in 10 people. Especially if they score early in the game. We saw England takes a lot of time for catching up when they’re being lead. So a 6/5 stake for a French victory looks attractive enough for 2 units.


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