Elfsborg vs Rio Ave (Champions League Play-Offs Prediction, 21.08.2014)

An interesting match for the Europa League play offs is the one between Elfsborg from Sweden and Rio Ave from Portugal, seeing as bookmakers give them more or less the same odds, but Betfair lets you back up Rio Ave to win this away match at 2.82, while the same betting market for Elfsborg is at 2.54.

The Portuguese qualified for the playoffs at the expense of another Swedish team, after a 0-1 win on aggregate, which sees Rio Ave as your main bet to score in an away match. Their last campaign in internal competitions ended up with them being on the 11th place, but they won the Cup thus earning their spot in European Competitions. The fact that the Super Cup was lost against the reigning champions Benfica on penalties, then they won against Vitória Setúbal in the opening match of the Primeria Liga must boost the visitors’ moral.


Elfsborg finished on the 6th place in their domestic competition, at a swooping 17 points from the leader. This time around they are on the third place, with just one point after the second placed team and are already assured with a European place for next season. Their goal difference average is not that good either, as to their 32 scored goals; they have managed to concede 21, which would put Rio Ave in a slightly better position.

Betfair lets you back up Rio Ave to lead at half time at 2.76, Elfsborg at 2.76 or you can lay against a draw at halftime at 4.4. To keep things simple, we are going to bet 7 units on an outright Rio Ave win at 2.86.

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