Chile vs Mexico (Prediction, 05.09.2014)

Mexico start the World Cup 2018 campaign in the friendly against Chile, another World Cup hopefuls. Both teams have left a good impression in Brazil, and now have several friendlies lined up to help them get back into shape, but perhaps the wiser decision would have been playing friendlies with European teams and getting used to the climate and different time zone.

The biggest news in Mexico’s camp seems to be Chicharito’s move on loan to Real Madrid’s bench. On Monday El Tri landed in San Francisco where they are set to play Chile and then Bolivia. Upon releasing the list of players called up for these two friendlies, Miguel Herrera made a few changes that seem to go with his new strategy. Carlos Salcido retired, while Alfredo Talavera and Jorge Torres Nila were left out because of injuries. Herrera called up new faces into the squad, like for example Erik Torres who has never played for the senior team. The match is set to be played in a full stadium, as the Mexican community in San Francisco seems to be increasing.
Chile’s last match in Brazil was lost during the penalty shootouts against the hosts, but the players feel they would have done more should they had made it past the last 16. The proverbial hosts are on the 12th place in the FIFA rankings, while Mexico are below, which makes it easy to see why the bookies tend to favor them in this match. Marcelo Diaz stressed the importance of winning this match before Copa America, but looking at their last head to head matches you’ll notice that the teams have evenly divided the wins, each team winning two matches out of four.

Ladbrokes gives Chile 2.10 odds for an outright win, Mexico 3.40, and a draw is at 3.10. Chile to score first and last is at 2.37, Mexico at 3.80 and an odd number of goals is at 1.90. Mexico to win the first half is at 4.00, and Chile to win the second is at 2.40 which is what we’re betting 7 units on.

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