Chelsea vs. Newcastle [Recap, February 8th]

Chelsea London took advantage of Liverpool’s 5-1 thumping of Arsenal and climbed up on the first place after a 3-0 win over Newcastle and we won the bet placed on Eden Hazard to score at any time with odds from 888sport.

Eden Hazard continued his run as Chelsea’s talisman. He was imperial during the win against Manchester City and he was the only goalscorer in this clash against Newcastle. Considering Man City sported a goalless draw against the 16th placed Norwich City, Chelsea enjoys being at the top of the table with a 2 points ahead of City and one of Arsenal.

Newcastle has a very extensive list of injuries which hindered their chances to pose any kind of threat from the start of the match, which Chelsea dominated without any right to appeal. The 27th minute was when Hazard opened the scoring table, by working on a double shift, making and then finishing the goal, as he took onto Ivanovic’s cross and fired a shot from 12 yards.
eden hazard the talisman
Newcastle had a chance to level the score on the 33 minute, but Sissoko’s shot wasn’t powerful enough to make Cech doubt his abilities to stop the ball. The second goal came just two minutes later when Etoó’s backheel found Hazard alone and the winger scored. It could have been way worse as Krul mistook the colors of Chelsea’s uniform by his team’s, and feel down in front of the ball sent by David Luiz that bounced off his head. Unfortunately nobody from Chelsea was there to convert the misstep into a goal.

Howard Webb awarded Chelsea a penalty on the 64th minute, when Newcastle’s Yanga-Mbiwa tackled Etoo to the ground. Hazard converted the penalty to complete his hat trick and when he was subbed on the 85th minute Stamford Bridge awarded him with a standing ovation.

Result: +10,5 units, bet won

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