Caen – Istres [Recap]

In our prediction for this game we suggested that Istres should up their game by a lot if they want to avoid relegation, and in a certain manner they either heard us or figured everything out on their own, because they didn’t make things easier for Caen, not even a little. I won 4.4 units from the bet placed on Caen’s victory with odds from Betfair.

While many expected Caen to just breeze through the game with a comfortable victory, the game was won during additional time with a goal by Caen’s captain Jeremy Sorbon. For the entire 90 minutes of the game, SC Caen was unable to find a breach in Istres defense, who were as courageous as their relegation depended directly on this game. A magnificent Denis Petric wasn’t enough to keep his team together rand secure it an important point, even though he successfully blocked several shots, including one from Alexandre Cuvillier and Livio Nabob in the 75th minute of the game.

Istres defeat seems somewhere logical, as it was extremely dangerous during the first half, with a great shot by Sid Yahia-Cherif (24 minute), but came out different in the second half. According to Joris Sainati “All matches are the same in the second half. We created a handful of opportunities, but we lacked the effectiveness to finish them. At this point every single goal we concede is fatal to our hopes of staying in the Ligue.”

With only 10 more games to play, both teams look differently, Caen might win this if they keep relying on making really effective player changes during the game, such as proved by this games substitution of Cullivier by Kuyung-Jung Kim. Entering the game in the 62nd minute, the midfielder boosted his team’s confidence on both flanks, and even came through with some breakthrough shots. Istres on the other hand is four places near the relegation area and if they don’t implement some changes, they might not make it through.

Result: +4.4 units, bet won

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