Brian Baker – Jesse Levine [Recap]

 The tennis match that took place on the 8th of January between the American Brian Baker and the Canadian Jesse Levine ended in a dramatic 2-0 victory for Jesse Levine, meaning that I lost the bet I placed on Baker’s victory.

However, the match was extremely tight from the beginning until the end, in spite of Levine’s inability to adjudicate any set. The first set ended with a 5-7 score and the second one with a score of 4-6, which means that until one decisive point, each player won his service.

 Even if in the past Baker had suffered from a series of nasty injuries, he seemed to feel good since last summer. He climbed a lot in the rankings and seemed very prepared to aim for even higher positions. Unfortunately, he didn’t prove to be enough determined in the match with Levine.

The match that took place on the 8th of January was the third match of the year for Baker. The second one was also played in Auckland against the Polish tennis player Janowicz, and ended with Baker’s victory.

All in all, I think this time Baker was overwhelmed by the situation and that’s why he didn’t manage to focus on the critical moments of the match, even if his performance was not bad as a whole.

Result: -7, bet lost

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  1. SeniorJuanes January 16, 2013 at 3:02 pm -

    I’ve noticed that average players (I mean not the first…let’s say 15 ATP players, more if they are approximately at the same level, can lose their game constancy very easy. I think this was the case of Baker.

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