Bayer Leverkusen vs Paris Saint Germain [Recap, February 18th]

Paris Saint Germain showed through another stunning performance that they want a spot among the European elite as they trashed Bayer Leverkusen with 0-4, and all but booked a place in the next round. As a result, we won the bet placed on them to win with odds from Betfair.

The visitors were always the favorites among the bookies, as Leverkusen find themselves in terrible Bundesliga form having lost four of their last six matches. The hosts fielded a mainly defensive team, and whatever plan they had in mind it backfired as Matuidi gave PSG the lead after just three minutes of play. PSG didn’t even have to try hard to win this match, they excelled at both being more fit than Leverkusen, having more pressing and a superior ball possession.


It was already 3-0 before the second half even ended, as Ibrahimovic scored from the white spot on the 39th minute, to later complete the brace with an amazing long shot into the right corner of Leno’s post. Now he sums up 10 international goals and looking by the form of the team many more will come, regardless of the fact that many consider his arrogance sipped even in his way of scoring goals. Before Real Madrid gets to play next week, Zlatan Ibrahimovic finds himself before Cristiano Ronaldo on the Champions League goalscorer sheet.

To make matters even worse for Leverkusen, they were left with 10 men after Spahic received a second yellow card which transformed itself in red. The stadium was reduced to silence, Leverkusen looked down and Laurent Blanc’s master plan to confuse and destroy worked as Cabaye added to Leverkusen’s misery by scoring a fourth goal from Ibrahimovic’s pass.

There is no going back now for Bayer Leverkusen, not even Barcelona was able to come back from a four goal difference, and all they have left is to concentrate on the Bundesliga.

Result: +9,94 units, bet won

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