Ayumi Morita – Monica Niculescu [prediction]

This time I am going to place a bet on a less predictable event. I’m referring to the match between Ayumi Morita from Japan and Monica Niculescu from Romania, the game is from the US Open’s first round. I say the result is more difficult to predict because in the only head to head confrontation between the two players, it was Ayumi Morita who defeated her opponent, even if now Monica is much better raked.

Monica Niculescu is currently number 33, and Ayumi is number 95 in the WTA ranking. Moreover, Monica’s performances have constantly and considerably improved in the last few years, which brought her more than $1825000 in her lifetime career , almost $700000 more than Ayumi. Monica won 310 matched out of 496, while Ayumi won only 210 out of 376.

Judging by the age and the physical condition, I would say that the two players are very close to each other. Monica heights 1.68m and weights 63 kg, while Ayumi heights 1.64m and weights 54 kg. Monica is 24 – 2 years older than her opponent- therefore she has 2 years more of experience., Still, she’s very young and I believe her best performances are yet to come.

All in all, I’m going to place a bet on Monica Niculescu’s victory. I bet 3 units at 1.86. The odds I used are from IBCBET.

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