Austria vs Sweden (Euro 2016 Qualifiers, September 8th)

Austria host Sweden for their opening France 2016 qualification match in what promises to be a very interesting matchup. And while everyone expects Sweden to battle it out with Russia for the top spot in group G, Russia’s performance at the World Cup might give the other group candidates a chance to qualify. On the bright side of things, should Sweden qualify for the group stage, it will finally stop the talks about the world missing out on everything if Ibrahimovic is not present.

Austria only managed to qualify once for the tournament, and it was back when it was the country organizing it in 2008. In their last five matches they have had an unprecedented unbeaten run which could be amplified should they win against Sweden. The two teams met in the qualification campaign for the World Cup in Brazil, but both lost to Germany and never managed to get the ticket to Rio. Another impact could be the fact that the Austrian football federation has hired Hermann Meier to be the team’s moral boost coach, a move which had the former athlete state: “I want to pass on experiences from my own career about setting and reaching goals as an athlete.”
Sweden’s main problem is whether Ibrahimovic will start, but considering he played during Sweden last friendly match and broke the all-time goalscoring record, might point you toward the fact that you can finally place your bets on him to score two or more goals. The team has been on an upside for the last years, despite failing to qualify for the last two World Cups. Ibrahimovic might have a point to prove after the undeserved loss to Portugal for the Brazil ticket, as well as ending Austria’s unbeaten run.

Whom you back for the win should be your own choice, as the bookmaker’s opinions are divided. For example, Bet365 has Austria as the favorite to win at 2.30, while Sweden got 3.10. Austria for both halves is at 3.75, Sweden at 5.00, and Austria with a -0.25 Handicap is at 2.05. Both teams to score is at 1.90, and we’re betting 7 units on both teams to score and over 2.5 goals at 2.60 with Bet365.

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