US Open

US Open

Bet on US Open via a betting agentThe US Open is a short name for the United States Open Tennis Championships, which is a popular hard-court tennis tournament.It is worth noting that the competition is a modern analogue of the U.S. National Championship, one of the oldest and most prestigious tennis competitions in the world. From the chronological point of view, the US Open is the fourth and the last tennis major out of the Grand Slam list. US Open betting generates a turnover of billions of dollars each year on Pinnacle, where you will often find the best US Open odds. You can also sign up for betting platform, where you will find original Pinnacle odds. It is held annually and comes after the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. Late August and early September is the time when numerous top-ranked tennis players gather in the USA in order to measure their strength with each other. Traditionally, the tournament lasts only for two weeks, but still, it attracts thousands of spectators and tennis fans from all over the world.

The tournament includes five various championships: women’s and men’s singles, women’s and men’s doubles, mixed doubles; as well as several additional tournaments for junior, senior and wheelchair players. US Open is organized and played on special acrylic hard courts. Play your way into riches by following the best US Open tips exclusively from this blog!

Historical Review

The championship was first held at the end of Summer in 1881 and took place at the Newport Casino, Newport, Rhode Island. At first, only the clubs that belonged to the United States National Lawn Tennis Association were allowed to participate. Richard Sears was the first to win seven consecutive singles titles at the very first edition of the US Open. For several years, the tournament was held exclusively in Newport, but most of the participants and organizers tried to relocate the tournament to New York. However, their efforts didn’t bring any fruit at that time and the tournament continued to be held in Newport. A couple of years later, the venue finally changed, and the US Open was held in Philadelphia, and then in Forrest Hills.

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It is worth noting that, at first, only men were allowed to participate in the tournament, and consequently, it was called the US National Singles Championships for Men. Several years passed (six, to be precise), and the first U.S. Women’s National Singles Championship was finally organized. The year 1968 is considered to be pivotal in the history of tennis because it is marked by the beginning of the open era. Among the other important dates in the history of the tournament, the year 1970 should be noted, as far as the US Open became the very first tournament out of the four majors to use a tiebreak in order to decide a set with the 6-6 score. It is worth noting that the US Open is the only tournament out of the Grand Slam list that was held every year since its foundation. Check Asian bookmakers via a betting agent and catch the best odds for this tournament.

Prize Pool and Trophies

The US Open attracts the best professional tennis players because it is a very prestigious tournament, and the participants have a great opportunity to demonstrate their talents. However, they might also be interested in the prize pool, which is quite attractive on its own. Last year, the total prize money accounted for 24,054,000 $, which is two million more than it was the year before. The prize pool was distributed in the following way:




Mixed Doubles

$1,900,000 $420,000 $150,000
$950,000 $210,000 $70,000
$475,000 $105,000 $30,000
$237,500 $50,000 $15,000
$65,000 $26,000
$37,000 $16,000 $10,000
$23,000 $11,000 $5,000


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