French Open

French Open

The French Open, which is also known under the name of Roland Garros, is one of the most significant tennis tournaments, traditionally held in Paris, France between the end of May and the beginning of June.
This exciting tournament was named after a well-known French aviator – Roland Garros. It is worth noting that it is the only tournament out of the four Majors which is held on clay and marks the end of the spring clay court season. Betting on the French Open is also an option most online bookmakers, like William Hill, provide. The Australian Open precedes the French one, which is followed by Wimbledon and US Open. Most experts and tennis fans consider Roland Garros as the most physically demanding tennis competition in the world, because of the specific playing surface. The fact is that the clay surface slows down the game, and makes it more difficult for tennis players to move.

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Historical review

The history of the French Open began in 1891, when a national tennis tournament was first held. It was open exclusively to tennis players who belonged to the French Clubs. At first the tournament was called the Championnat de France, which actually means the French Championships in English. It is worth noting that this championship was available only for men, but the situation changed in 1897 when the first women’s competition was held. Until 1924 this tournament was played only by the members of the French Clubs, and it was held in several locations: Tennis Club de Paris (surface: clay), Societe Athletique, Bordeaux (surface: clay), the Racing Club de France, Paris (surface: clay), and Ili de Puteaux (surface: sand).

There is a tournament which is considered to be the precursor of the modern French Open – the World Hard Court Championship. It was held on clay courts in Saint-Cloud and Brussels. The tournament was popular for several years, but in 1924, it yielded its position to the Paris Olympic Games. The year of 1928 was marked by the opening of the Roland Garros stadium, and since that time the tournament took place only there. It is worth noting that the stadium was named after the French national hero Rolland Garros, who was a pilot during World War I. At first, the tournament was open mainly to amateurs, but in 1968, the situation changed and both amateurs and professionals were welcome, as you are welcome (and encouraged) to follow our French Open predictions! Check Asian bookmaker reviews via a betting agent and catch the best odds for French Open Tournament.

An official ball of 2011's French Open

Peculiar Occurrences

The French Open has a history of more than one hundred years, so no wonder there are so many interesting, and at the same time peculiar facts and stories linked to this exciting event. For example, the French Open tennis tournament was once held on grass. The “French Open” is a simplified and more common name of the “Tournoi de Roland-Garros” tennis tournament. Roger Federer is one of the French Open heroes, because he is the 6th man who has managed to win all the four Majors. Here is another interesting fact: in 2007 the organizers of the event decided to provide an equal prize pool for both men and women.

Prize Pool and Trophies

Participation in the French Open tournament is a unique opportunity for the top tennis players to demonstrate their talents and attain international fame. Besides that, the participants have a chance to snatch a large sum of money. The prize pool is really impressive and it accounts for 18,718,00 EUR, according to the data of 2012. It is worth noting that the amount of prize money has increased since the last two years; as far as in 2011 it was 17,520,000. Make your dreams come true and follow the best French Open tips from and win at the best betting software!

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