Atletico Madrid – Valencia [Prediction]

On Sunday, Vicente Calderon Stadium will witness a special encounter between Atletico Madrid and Valencia. William Hill offers really high odds for this week’s La Liga games, including the one we’re presenting for you. Atletico Madrid’s confidence is boosted after their win over Osasuna, which allowed them to stay on the third place on the table, and just one point behind Real Madrid. Valencia approaches the game after a really easy win over Castellon, with a categorical 1-5.

Surprisingly enough Atletico Madrid managed to win only 2 of their last seven encounters, Valencia won three, including their last head to head game, and two games ended with a draw. Statistics point to a fairly equal share of numbers, but when you look at the conceded goals there is a difference of 16 goals, with Atletico Madrid having conceded only 24 with Valencia’s 40. Atletico’s biggest defeat was against Barcelona (1-4) and Valencia lost with a resounding 5-0 score against Real Madrid.

If we look at the squads we notice Ernesto Valverde will have to work without Piatti, Ricardo Costa and Victor Ruiz all out with injuries and no definite date for the return on the squad. Diego Simeone has only two major players sidelined: Tiago out with a broken arm and Juanfran suspended with the possibility to return on the 1 of April.

Some tips and predictions see Valencia as literally doomed to fail, while other sideline Atletico Madrid whose strength on their home field is beyond dispute. The match will take place at 21:00 GMT+1 and Vicente Calderon stadium should witness another great game.

I’m going to go with Atletico Madrid and bet 6 units at 1.75, odds from William Hill.

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