Atletico Madrid – Barcelona [Recap]

How did Barcelona start the match against Atletico Madrid? As champions of Primera Division, seeing as Real Madrid’s draw against Espanyol allowed them mathematically to claim the title. The game itself was highly disputed even though the score was opened only in the second half by Falcao, and Alexis Sanchez fired the equalizer after 20 minutes.

It was clear from the start that Atletico had one clear strategy – to limit Barcelona’s ball possession as much as possible. That’s why their pressing from the start gave way to some really intense battles in the midfield. There were some casualties also, like Dani Alves in the first half and Lionel Messi in the second one. The Argentinean asked to be taken off field and even though he left his team in 10 people Barcelona still managed to win…or should we say Atletico won it for them seeing as the winning goal was an own one from Gabi.

Barcelona is now 10 points ahead of Real Madrid and is looking forward to break the record set by Los Blancos of having 100 points in a La Liga edition. Statistics show that the Catalans stepped up on their game after Messi was sidelined, which proves again that there is life without the Balon D’Or winner.

Atletico Madrid played a great game, and had a good run before their Cup Final against Real Madrid, but that own goal is a live proof of just how quickly everything falls down if there’s even one moment of indecision. Their free kick during the extra time served no purpose, as they probably were still too stunned to muster a comeback.

Regardless of how Barcelona came about this victory, I won the bet placed on the victory with odds from William Hill.

Result: +6.65 units, bet won

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  1. Shemandalie May 14, 2013 at 3:13 pm -

    I’m though sorry for Messi who injured himself during this match:

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