Athletic Club vs Granada [Prediction, February 28]

La Liga starts this week with a match between the fourth-placed Athletic Club and the 13th-placed Granada, which also sports a negative goal average. Judging by their head to head record you may not anticipate a lot of goals, but a decent fight put up by the underdog. We decided to use the odds from Titan Bet for this prediction.

Everyone knows Bilbao is not going to make a bid for the third place on the table, but they will do their best to secure the fourth spot that will send them towards a potential Champions League bid. After two draws and a surprise loss to Espanyol Barcelona, Bilbao got their act together and won against Real Betis with a clean sheet. Muniain put the visitors ahead in the 34th minute after Bilbao was awarded a penalty for a dive inside the box by a Betis player. The hosts were left with nine men on the pitch and yet Bilbao’s second goal came in the 81 minute when Fernandez scored with a header.


Granada sports five defeats in six matches, the most recent one against Valencia, in a match where they not only had the upper hand, but also scored first only to see themselves being equalized in the 64th minute. During the extra time Valencia scored their second goal after Roberto cleared a threat. What they are missing and need to work on are the aerial duels, as well as finishing passes, because Elche is just one point behind Granada and might want a shot at a higher La Liga table place.

Titan Bet has a potential Bilbao win at 1.44, and a draw goes for 4.33, while the probability of a Bilbao clean sheet is at 2.00. We are going to bet 6 units on the second half to be the one with the majority of goals at 2.05 with odds from the same bookie.

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