Arsenal – Sunderland [Prediction]

Prediction: A 2-1 victory for Arsenal
Odds: 1.41
Match date: August 18
Stadium: Emirates Stadium, London, UK

With the inspired acquisition of Spaniard Santi Cazorla, Arsenal have definitely grown stronger. Moreover,I think they are currently possessing the best core of mid fielders from the Premier League.
Judging from the other spectrum, the guys from Sunderland, managed by O’Neil are unbeaten at home. Their portfolio is pretty impressive, containing nine wins and two draws. They have been defeated just twice, by Spurs and Chelsea. They continue playing without Lee Cattermole, David Vaughan and Wes Brown, which does not favor them too much. On the other hand, there is the young Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, whose recent stunning performances (two goals against Blackburn) have impressed Martin O’Neill.

But what might interest you the most are the teams’ head to head confrontations. In the last 10 Premier League games, Arsenal has five wins against Sunderland, one loss and four draws. Therefore, it is not too difficult to predict the result from 18 August, especially if we take into consideration Arsenal’s strong offensive and Sunderland’s poor scoring.
Even if there might be a chance for a draw, I definitely lean towards a 2-1 Arsenal victory, so I’m going to bet 5 units at 1.41 at IBCBET.

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  1. alfaBETa August 23, 2012 at 5:53 pm -

    I think we were all expecting an Arsenal’s victory. However, Sunderland done pretty well and were able to cope with a better raked team. On BBC I found a very complex recap, too, for those who are interested:

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