Arsenal-Sunderland [Recap]

And yes, it was draw. As I have previously mentioned in my prediction, there were some chances for that to happen..and it did. Arsenal failed to break down Sunderland’s defense. It was quite a boring match, which ended up in a dramatic result (0-0).

It seems that the strong core of mid fielders that I was talking about in my prediction and the offensive attitude haven’t helped the “gunners” too much. In the first half, the home side turned on the style, and we could saw Abou Diaby coming close along other chances of Arsenal. On the break, Sunderland caused a few scares, but eventually, their outstanding defense proved to be the best feature of their performance. The second half was not too different from the first one. While opportunities for Sunderland lessened, Arsenal were almost about to score. The fact that they actually didn’t , was quite disappointing and also very surprising if you asked me.

The most dramatic thing is that Arsenal really wasted some thriving chances. For example, in the 90th minute, while they were still turning the screw, Carl Jenkinson wasted a great opportunity when he over-hit a cross from deep down the right flank. In fact, I think their whole performance was kind of astonishing, starting with the formation of the team (4-2-3-1). However, unexpected does not necessarily means “bad”, because Arsenal’s game was not bad overall. They were active and offensive as usual, it’s just that they weren’t able to fully use their opportunities. For example, the 21st minute, was characterized by a spectacular move, when a glorious passage played by Arsenal, ended up with Carl Jenkinson breaking down the right side of the defense and sending the ball in a near-post cross. After that, Theo Walcott went for goal twice, but his awkward attempts leaded to the ball’s ricochets.

But as I’ve mentioned, Sunderland’s performance was not to be neglected either. In fact, the first chance for scoring a goal belonged to them. Even from the 4th minute, Jack Colback was allowed into an almost one-to-one situation with Wojciech Szczesny. That didn’t last for too long, because the Arsenal’s keeper came out as a winner in this clash. Another breathtaking move took place in the 42nd minute, when Mikel Arteta exchanged a neat one-two with Santi Cazorla before finding Theo Walcott. He pulled back to Lukas Podolski whose shot took a deflection and went out for a corner. Another wasted chance belonged to Santo Cazorla, who collected the ball and drove forward. Eventually, he unleashed an effort that stroke Carlos Cuellar and bounced away from danger.

All in all, Arsenal seemed to be dominating the match, though the defensive strategy used by Sunderland made it impossible for them to score. Another golden opportunity, also missed by Cazorla in the 81st minute, when he provided a very nice slipped ball in for Olivier Giround, which emphasized the Gunner’s frustration and lead the match towards such a dramatic end. Their frustration also became my frustration because I lost the bet I made on Arsenal, this meaning 5 units down for me.

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  1. GerryB August 23, 2012 at 2:54 pm -

    Hey there…I liked your analyse..I’m sorry you lost the bet. Take a look at this

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  2. olympus August 23, 2012 at 2:59 pm -

    I saw the match, too. Cazorla was awful, I didn’t expect such a bad performance from him.

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