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Hello, I am Bookie Punisher I am from Denmark and I am a betting tipster. You may ask why my name is bookie punisher. It comes from my strategy, my hobby is finding the best odds and limits from the market and punish them by earning BIG!

I got into the exciting world of sports betting years ago when information on the subject was much more difficult to find. Of course, I made a lot of rookie mistakes and bad bets but over time I learned from those experiences. Nowadays, those who want to start out placing sports bets have the opposite problem. There’s so much information available that it’s so hard to sort through it all and to know who to listen to. With this blog, I’ll be doing that work for you and I’ll strive to bring you nothing but the best betting tips and information the internet has to offer.

I invite you, my readers, to actively participate and share your feelings and experiences by commenting on my blog entries!

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