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April 2, 2020 0 News

We have some great news for you about Orbit Exchange. Those of you who has read our OrbitX review already should know that there’s not a lot of options if you are looking for an exchange website that resembles Betfair. One of the rare disadvantages of OrbitX was that the white label lacked a live casino section. However, with the latest update, now it is possible to enjoy live casino and some of the most popular card games via Orbit Exchange. All you need to do is to open OrbitX account via betting agent and start exploring the new improvements that this white-label offers right away.

What can you find in Orbit Exchange’s Live Casino section?

As Orbit Exchange has just recently started to offer live casino, users have access to one game only – Teen Patti. Teen Patti is a popular Indian gambling card game. 3 to 6 gamblers are required to play this game. It is similar to Poker and it is quite easy to play. Therefore, we believe that it presents a great pastime especially these days when there are fewer and fewer sports events to bet on.

Live casino on Orbit Exchange

Moreover, OrbitX users have access to a section called card games, where they can find popular games such as Blackjack, Card Derby Racing, HI LO, Hold’em, Baccarat, and Omaha Hi. All these card games (except for Omaha Hi) have the option to play turbo. Turbo mode is faster and much more enjoyable in our opinion.

Orbit Exchange offers E-sports

Last but not least, Orbit Exchange offers now the chance to bet on e-sports. eSports is a rather new market compared to traditional sports, and bettors may have a hard time finding a betting exchange that offers this brand new market. Having the same liquidity as Betfair, Orbit Exchange proves to be a great alternative for each bettor who wants to lay on the eSports market.

We strongly believe that the latest news about Orbit Exchange will put a smile on every bettor’s face. If you still want to explore different options, we advise you to check our best bookmakers for the sports betting page. You will have access to a number of bookmaker reviews in this section. We have tested each of these sportsbooks and betting exchanges to provide you with the most accurate information. Stay safe and keep yourself updated with the latest news on Sports Bets Blog!