On August 17, 2014 Serena Williams, 32, won her first Cincinnati title by beating Ana Ivanovic, 25, in two sets 6-4, 6-1.

It took Serena six attempts (since 2006) to nail this title and she has finally made it. It is quite symbolic for her as the last Slam of the year – US Open – starts in a week. As if Serena sent a message that she’s ready for USO and you can expect from her nothing but winning. The top online bookies have pretty much the same opinion. For example, William Hill gives the best odds (2.75) for Serena to win the US Open. The second favorite to win is Maria Sharapova with the 6.00 odds, according to WH.

Williams 2014 Cincinnati Winner

So far it was the second title Serena won over this summer season. Early this month, Serena beat Angelique Kerber 7-6 (1), 6-3 at Stanford. It made her the best player for the US summer hard-court season. As to the general results for 2014, Serena also won Rome, Miami and Brisbane titles. For any other player it would be quite an achievement, but not for the World no.1. It happened that Serena didn’t win any Slam this year – which is a serious deal for her (similar situation was in 2011, when Serena couldn’t claim any Grand Slam).

All in all, she has 18 Major titles and 62 WTA titles.

It was a viral infection that held her from performing well at French Open and Wimbledon. And yet, she managed to get it all together. She showed some impressive summer performances and now she looks pretty confident to get her 18th major. If she succeeds, she will tie with Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert, who both have the total of 18 major titles. However, there is still Steffi Graf, who has the record of 22 titles.

Coming back to Cincinnati final, Serena had a slow start, while Ana looked rather confident. However, in the second set their positions changed drastically. Ana got herself into the ongoing trail of double mistakes. Meanwhile, Serena braced up and brought her strong classy serve into the game. As Serena told after the match,

“I just kind of close my eyes and serve. When you think about it too much you get kind of crazy.”

It was a great weekend for Serena with her first Cincinnati title. However, it was good for Ana as well as she reached the top 10. Before that she was ranked the 12th and she couldn’t make it to the top for the last 5 years. They both looked satisfied with how the week ended; so let’s wish them to achieve the same (or better) results at the US Open that starts on August 25, 2014.

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